Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random Things

  • Charlie was up at 5am this morning, was not himself at daycare today and has been very fussy tonight. I wish I could get a closer look but from what I can tell both bottom center teeth are coming in. I think I see the ridges in the teeth breaking through. If there are top teeth coming in I may never know - he is very protective of his mouth right now.
  • After several weeks of periodically checking the scale, it appears that 8 pounds of baby weight mistakenly thinks it has been granted permanent residence since it has refused to budge in quite some time. Eviction papers are in the works. Until then I will continue wearing the same 3 pairs of pants.
  • My alma mater (Texas A&M) and Brad's alma mater (University of Arkansas) are playing each other this weekend for the first time in a kazillion years or something. First time since I met Brad, that's for sure. 7:30 EST on ESPN 2. I think I read tickets for the game were just ridiculously expensive - $85 minimum.
  • We have a babysitter lined up for tomorrow night - yay - so we can go out to dinner after Brad gets back in town. Not sure where we should go just yet to try and feel young and normal while really feeling exhausted and stressed.
  • Does anyone know why there wasn't a new Top Chef last night? We're mid-season and it's not a holiday. Bravo is such a tease.
  • I need to order Charlie's Halloween costume soon. There's a parade type thing at daycare and a 'candy walk' at my work that I'm going to take him to. I'm hoping to get through it with no candy since Charlie can't eat chocolate and the aforementioned 8 pounds. Anyways, I'm debating between the following - thoughts?

Turtle (the side image made this much cuter to me)


amygunther said...

I am torn between the monkey and the turtle. My initial reaction was monkey, monkey, monkey! But the side view of the turtle is too cute. I can just picture Charlie asleep on your shoulder with that turtle costume on. Too precious. Maybe he needs to be like an oscar presenter with two for the red carpet and one for the show...

amygunther said...

That is the beauty of only having a kilogram weight scale in the house. I don't really want to know how much baby weight is setting up shop on my hips so I just don't bother to convert it to pounds. I can bring one back with me for you at Christmas. Ignorance is bliss.

The Balog Family said...

The girls and I vote turtle! Super cute on the side view!! Enjoy your first Halloween with him - kids make it so much more fun!

Soña said...

Dragon! Adorable. Kevin lobbied hard for dragon but for a non-mobile baby it didn't seem worth it. We went with Monkey b/c it would look ok while Andrea was being carried.

Re: the A&M game. It's here at the new Cowboys stadium. $85...hahaha...I saw some student tickets on sale for $100. Who are they kidding?