Wednesday, October 21, 2009

On My Blackberry

This morning while waiting for Charlie's flu shot I was scrolling through the emails on my blackberry and found a couple of... interesting texts.

I have bleeped out the bad words but for viewing purposes this blog post is rated 'R' for strong language.

Text #1: Don't try ta play me my cousin saw u hugged up with dat ____. You dirty ___ mutha ___. I hope you caught something. We thru, Lose my numba ___. I can't believe u.

Text #2: My bad my friend gave me dis numba tryna be funny. I thought u was somebody else but dont txt dis numba back.

OK now, if you sent these to me fess up!!!


Nana said...

I didn't know the Greenbriar kids had your phone number

amygunther said...

Kobi and I both got a good laugh. Good to know that children are paying attention in English class. I think that he has already forwarded the text onto his friends...ha ha...