Monday, October 12, 2009

Cute Finds

From Old Navy! Score!

This comes in a few colors, not sure why I love the white. There's a dark blue that's also appealing. With tights, big chunky heels and a long cardi I think this would be presh... and it's on clearance!

I am probably too old for this dress but I heart it anyways. If you are my sister or one of their friends, please buy this and wear it for me.

I love a long swingy top to cover my huge post baby booot-tay. I should quit buying so much grey, black and white though. I'm like Angelina if she ate all the McDonad's she buys for her kids.

And nothing is complete without a cute scarf... so we can all channel our inner Meredith.

Now get out there and stimulate this economy!


Stephanie said...

I am wearing that scarf RIGHT NOW! Too funny. :)

Meredith said...

Love all of it! That plaid dress is precious (Megan I call dibs)! And obvi love the scarf.