Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bite Me

I think I mentioned in an earlier blog post that Charlie's bottom two teeth had come in. I was a little suspicious that was all that was going on in the teething department because it seemed like when he chewed on things he was aiming for the top and right side of his mouth. This weekend we got him to laugh while holding him in a variety of angles and I think I see at least one of the top two teeth breaking through and perhaps some on the bottom right side. There are white spots all over. No wonder this poor kid has had poop for days - he may have a full set of teeth in a week or so!

I think my friend/neighbor Kristen put it best - when Charlie was going to town chomping and gnawing on a piece of celery last weekend during the A&M/Arkansas game she said 'Aren't you glad you aren't breastfeeding now??' Indeed.

Speaking of the A&M/Arkansas game... wow. I married a Razorback and might get to live through this same experience annually for the next decade! I have to admit, I was guardedly optimistic before the game that we would have a decent showing. At the beginning of the broadcast one of the commentators was going on about how evenly matched these two teams were and I felt a glimmer of hope that we could win. I visualized some fun, teasing, slightly gloating phone calls to some of my in-laws. :)

By the time the game was over I had a big gulp straw in my wine bottle and was hoping nobody called me. Luckily they were kind enough not to rub it in. Brad gave me a little bit of a hard time on Sunday at which point I told him I thought it was really cute Arkansas found someone they could finally beat. He laughed but piped down after that. I could only say that for a week though because they played a great game against Auburn yesterday. Charlie once again wore his Hogs shirt and it may be the good luck charm the Hogs need. He'll have it on next weekend for the Florida game so we'll see.

Brad's dad got Charlie the Hogs t-shirt above the last time he was in Arkansas. To even things up a bit Charlie had his Texas A&M binky, which was a gift from my friend/coworker Kristen (not to be confused with friend/neighbor Kristen). The binky doesn't seem to have the t-shirt's magical powers so far - A&M wasn't looking so hot this weekend either.

We finally ordered Charlie's halloween costume. I was SO bummed because after going to place the order I realized the turtle only came in 0-6 month size - it was a 'bunting' - whatever that means. So I did another search and we decided on this little duck costume. I think you'll still be able to tell he's a duck even if he hates the hat thing on his head. Love the feet. Mama's little ducky!


Lakshmy said...

Charlie is getting cuter and cuter by the minute. Love the football ensemble! Can't wait to see his big debut as a little ducky.

Meredith said...

I am in shock over how big he is getting! Can't wait to see pics from halloween, that costume is presh.