Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8 Months of Charlie

This is such a fun age. I wish I could hold on to it for a bit longer. Charlie is so playful and exploring things and crawling around and has so much personality. He no longer has to get by on his tiny cute size alone. Charlie is almost always in a good mood - if he's not something is up. He smiles and laughs all day long - they love him up at daycare. Cheerful baby who they have finally figured out just needs to be put down awake for a nap and fuss for a minute before he goes to sleep.

Unfortunately these daycare naps have resulted in shorter sleep times at night - back down to 10 or so hours. This may also be due to teething and/or the medicine he's taking for his asthma which is somewhat stimulating. At least for Charlie. Mommy is exhausted. 10 hours is not much time to straighten up, get ready for the next day, relax for a few minutes, sleep for the night and get ready for work before he wakes up.

Charlie's crawling has improved and he gets around pretty quickly. It's still kind of a military crawl but some time during the weekend my mom was visiting he figured out how to make it very efficient. Instinctively he seems to gravitate towards the most dangerous thing in the room - typically electrical cords. I have to head him off and redirect him which generally ticks him off. He loves crawling under tables and his high chair too - go figure.

The poodles are still getting used to being startled when he sneaks up on them. Charlie finds the poodles to be hilarious - he wants to grab them and interact with them but doesn't seem to care for all the poodle kisses that accompany that. He's a good sport about it though.

Charlie seems to want to pull up but can't quite figure out how to make it work. I think we're getting close though. Oddly, he isn't that great at sitting up - he just doesn't want to. My theory is that when you are just sitting you aren't going anywhere. So really, what is the point of that? If you sit him up he immediately gets down on his stomach.

Charlie's finally starting to appreciate books as something more then an object to beat on the floor and destroy. He seems to enjoy being read to. He also loves when I sing to him - poor thing doesn't realize (or care) what a horrible singer I am. Daycare always puts a note on the report about how much he loves music day, which is Wednesday. He also likes any toy he can shake in the air and make a sound with or beat on the floor.

His next pediatrician appointment isn't until next month so I don't have a length/weight update. Charlie got weighed at the ER on Sunday but it was annoyingly in the metric system and I can't even remember what it was to do a google conversion. Let's just say around 20 pounds.

His 9 month size clothes no longer fit. Sniff sniff. We are solidly in 12 month clothes and almost to 12-18 month sizes from Baby Gap and Gymboree. His shoes are size 2 and they don't seem like they'll be fitting for much longer! I can't believe it. He is clearly not listening to my instruction to not grow anymore.

We are up to six teeth - the bottom center two came in together and then a couple of weeks later the top four center teeth came in over one weekend. Despite all the teeth we haven't had too much progress on the truly solid foods. He still loves all the purees but when I give him something like a puff or a piece of bread or cut up banana it usually gets stuck in his mouth somewhere and he coughs and gags until I come fish it out. So we're sticking to bigger solids he can gnaw on until they become mush. He's slowly figuring out the sippy cup and that the spout is for more then just chewing on - liquid comes out!

Well that's about it. I just got the 411 on some H1N1 vaccination at a clinic in Richmond so I'm off to pick up Charlie from daycare!

But before I go, what would an update be without out takes???

Also, here's a really long video of Charlie. If we aren't related please don't feel obligated.

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Tracy said...

He has beautiful eyes and that smile is adorable!