Monday, September 21, 2009

Brad and Kara: The Earlier Years

Today is our seventh wedding anniversary. We celebrated over the weekend "new parent" style, by kicking up our heels with excitement that we had a babysitter but coming home by 10PM anyways because we were so tired. We kind of pretended Saturday was our anniversary because who wants any occasion to be on a Monday? I think I got a Happy Anniversary and a kiss at 5:30am when Brad was leaving for Charlotte but I was so out of it tired I could have just dreamed it!

We've been married seven years and together for almost 10 so I thought it would be fun to post some pictures from when we were dating and engaged. While looking at photos that were upwards of 10 years old, I found myself asking some of life's eternal questions:

Why on earth would I wear that?
What's up with my hair?
Did I really need all that red lipstick?

Seriously about the red lipstick. What possessed me? Um Kara, Gwen Stefani called. She wants her lips back.

So without further ado, I give you Brad and Kara, circa 1999-2002:

Brunch at Blue Mesa in Dallas - yum!!

In St. Thomas - we took an awesome trip there with Brad's family. It was a little alarming in how many photos I almost picked for this blog entry from different trips/events Brad was wearing this martini shirt. I'm trying to remember - did he wear it for all of 2000/2001?? Quite possibly - the photos don't lie.

This was at my friend (and fellow blogger) Amy's wedding. Amy worked with us at Deloitte too. She managed to marry a civilian, though.

Um... yeah.

At our engagement party at my parent's house in Indiana. Do you like the pink and blue? If you get confused which one of us is the girl and which is the boy, we have color coded ourselves.

I love this picture - the last night of our honeymoon in Hawaii. We went to Lanai and Kauai while we were there. This picture is at a luau on Kauai at the Princeville where we were staying. We've always talked about going back to Lanai for our 10th anniversary. Hopefully we can - it was the most incredible trip. I still regret agreeing to come home.

And because Zoe can't be outdone, she has requested I include a Zoe Poodle: the Early Years photo. About 9 months after we got married we got this little poodle named Zoe. A year and a half later we got another puppy, Ringo. My friend Ed says dogs are the gateway drug to children. Indeed.
I guess no post like this would be complete without some kind of blurb about how we met and started dating and all that. We actually met on the first day of work at Deloitte in Dallas in orientation. We talked a little and over the next few months we ran into each other a couple of times at lunch and at the company Christmas party. He invited me to a football watching party at his apartment on a Sunday afternoon in December. After the party he asked me out.

With everything going on during the holidays we weren't able to go out until a weekend in mid-January. That week before, I was assigned to a client in Little Rock, where Brad is from, and he emailed me and said to stop by and see his Uncle Greg who worked there. The next thing I know, Uncle Greg's taking me out to lunch to get barbecue! So naturally Uncle Greg takes a lot of credit for us working out so well! We went out that Friday to dinner and then rented a movie to watch at Brad's apartment. I must have really been comfortable around him because I actually fell asleep during the movie on his sofa. When I woke up Brad was laughing and saying how he must be a really exciting date. But now he knows I fall asleep every time we watch a movie. So that's how it all started!

And there you have it. Happy Anniversary Brad! I love you!!


Megan said...

Awwww I love you guys. Happy Anniversary!!!

Meredith said...

That lipstick was SO late 90s/Melrose Place. You rocked it very well.
Congrats! Love you guys!

aichiba said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the shout out :) Love the pic of you guys from St. Thomas!!!