Monday, September 28, 2009

7 months of Charlie

Charlie's 7 month birthday was Sunday. That sounds very grown up. It seems I should already start planning his first birthday party or something because it's right around the corner! Things are changing so fast, I hope I can remember all of them to put in this post.

I did get some fun pictures. I love his little giraffe sleeper, it is so sweet. It's one of those things I can only put on him while he's a baby. In not too many months he will be too big for sweet little baby sleepers and in not too many months after that he will be vocal about what he puts on. But I'm getting way ahead of myself. More on this month's changes.

Probably the biggest difference in Charlie this month is how mobile he is now. We have a solid military crawl working and Charlie really makes the most of it. He is all over the place. He doesn't see quite as much usefulness in sitting up so he's still not doing that unsupported. This is a baby who is going places and getting into things and you just don't do that sitting still. Charlie is also rolling over on his changing table almost immediately when I put him down. I'm sure you can imagine how fun it is to try and change a diaper on a child who is rolling over. Trying to attach gauze with stretchy tape on a moving butt.....

In not-so-fun developments Charlie's been getting upset periodically if he loses sight of me. For instance: Charlie is in his exersaucer and I am getting ready for work and go in the closet to get something... all the sudden there are panicked screams and a breakdown and these continue until I pick him up. I'm not really sure what's driving it since it's not happening when I leave him at daycare. He's usually smiling when I put him down there and I've gone back a couple of times to peek in the window right after I leave and he's just playing. So go figure. It's nice to be needed though! Especially in a way that doesn't make me feel guilty for leaving - though it is in a way that has made it impossible for me to shower and get ready for work!

On the eating front we've been trying different carb-y type things but so far the only thing that's really worked are these Gerber Graduate veggie stick type things. The puffs and puff-sized things are just a little too small for him to get in his mouth and successfully chew. As far as pureed food he will try anything and loves just about everything. Spinach, pumpkin, lentils, prunes, you name it, this kid will eat it. The only food so far we've found that he doesn't like is tomatoes, which he was kind enough to spray everywhere in disgust during Ben & Nicole's wedding reception!

There seems to be at least a couple of teeth coming in - I see white spots where the bottom center teeth are and he seems to have a sensitive spot he needs to bite with on the upper right side. He won't let me take a look thought. They seem to be bothering him quite a bit more so I hope they break through soon. Baby tylenol seems to help. I keep telling him that even though it stinks now when he gets teeth and can eat more things, he's gonna love it! Food with teeth - so much more fun then food without.

Daycare is going really well - he seems to love it there. He's always so happy and smiley when he gets there and when I pick him up. Wednesdays are his favorite when the music teacher comes and they spend a lot of time outside swinging. They always write me a note about how excited he was during the music class and how much fun he seems to have outside. They told me he no longer likes being restricted by the exersaucer and has to be on the floor moving around. He also no longer likes for anyone other then the teachers in the room to pick him up. A phase I suppose - he usually loves just about everyone.

He's still sleeping about 11 hours a night, usually from 7 or 7:30 to 6 or 6:30. He puts himself to sleep - I just turn on his rain forest soother and the fan, hand him a teether, kiss him goodnight and leave. He plays around for 10 to 15 minutes before he falls asleep, which is fun to watch on the monitor. He's so sweet when he wakes up, he just rolls over and talks to his mobile for a while. When we go in to get him he's all smiley and happy.

I'm sure I'll think of some more things immediately after posting this. Oh well, that's all for now!

We took Charlie to the park on Sunday and he got to swing with Daddy - lots of giggles!
And an airborne Charlie!

It wouldn't be an update without some fun out takes from trying to get a good picture - Zoe helped again!


Megan said...

GREAT PICS!! He is growing up! Miss that boy and his parents!

Tracy said...

Happy 7 months to Charlie! The outakes are the best. He keeps getting cuter and cuter! Thanks for the bumper suggestion. 90% of the time he sleeps with his forhead up against a rail and his nose and mouth facing out between the rails so I hesitate even to get a mesh bumper. That kids loves to get up against the edge!

Bikramgal said...

Charlie reminds me a little bit of Mer when she was a baby. He's adorable. He's now the age of when we met the twins. They grow so fast.
You should check out Bikram Yoga to drop the last few pounds of baby fat. Jake goes once a week. You have a great studio in Richmond.