Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video Tuesday: I Heart Peas

First off - Birthday Shout Outs to my sister Meredith!!! I was 4 years old when she was born and I was not happy about not being the center of attention anymore! To retaliate I completely covered her and her nursery in talcum powder when she was an infant. I think I made my point. Now she is one of my best friends and I love her to pieces! Hope it's an awesome birthday Mer Mer! Wuv u!

Since Meredith loves when I post video and pictures of her nephew, I am posting a Charlie Spooner video jubilee. I call it a jubilee, it's really more of a featurette. Three - count 'em - three back to back Charlie videos.

And they are all of Charlie eating peas. I still can't believe my child's favorite food is peas. Brad and I both pretty much hate peas. It's a texture thing. Does this signify something? Will he perhaps be an adventurous eater? Should I offer bok choy and sunchokes next?

I have to say, I think that whole rule about feeding babies vegetables instead of fruits first or else your baby will only like sweet foods is a bunch of bunk. When Charlie wasn't too wild about the sweet potatoes we gave him apples and bananas - granted, to a lukewarm reception, but they were still his 2nd and 3rd foods. Last week he turned down bananas twice but kid can tuck into some peas. Go figure.

Charlie's new dinner location is his high chair, which he loooooves. Many thanks to my lovely friends at work for gifting it to us! I took some video showing the enthusiasm we have for both our high chair AND peas:

Behold the 2 spoon method of feeding Charlie. We are independent, grown up babies and can not just sit there and wait for mom to feed us. We must feed ourselves!!!

Here's some post dinner enthusiasm:

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Meredith said...

Hahahaha... I love how he's like, "Thanks Mom, I can take it from here! Gimme that spoon!" Love the videos, especially the post-dinner enthusiasm! I love his little squeals and gurgles.
Thanks for the bday wishes! Love you so much KK!