Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sick Baby

Charlie caught some kind of stomach bug and has been sick since Saturday. He had a fever, slept a lot and then on Sunday along came our friend Projectile Vomiting to visit. We went to the doctor on Monday morning just to get everything checked out and were told to give him pedialyte and let him rest. His fever passed later that day. He was still sick overnight last night but today seems much better. He's kept everything down. Poor kid has been so worn out from all of this. He is just heartbreaking to look at when he's sick.

This is the second time Charlie's been sick and the first time I was at my mom's house and had her help. It's definitely opened my eyes to the reality of having a sick child and working full time - especially when Brad has to go out of town. I used to think I could just work from home while Charlie napped and make up some hours in the evening. Yeeeahhhh.

There were just a few things I didn't take into consideration, like how sick babies don't sleep too well and when you're completely exhausted, it's hard to get work done! Sick babies are also pretty fussy (as they are, you know, sick) and take a lot of energy. After less then 4 hours sleep last night and a full day today I am drained! Hoping to go to bed soon and wake up to no germs and lots of productivity!


Lindsay said...

Sorry he's sick! Hope it's much better today.

People usually assume the boys are home with me since I "work from home." Um... no. I'm lucky to get my e-mail checked on days they are home!

Meredith said...

Oh no! I hope both Mommy and Charlie feel better soon! Miss you both!

Janet said...

Hey, Kara,
We're just sittin' here after M. Hartz' 84th bd party---Hope, Phil, Doug, Les, Greg and me. Hope the baby is getting better and we hope you are getting some rest!!!
We are watching the cards on TV now. Had a good time tonight--a progressive dinner. YUM.