Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please forgive

I am still fiddling with the font colors, etc. on this. But I am too tired to mess with it anymore tonight. We lost power last night and it didn't come on until this evening so it has been a very tiring day! Even Charlie pooped out early. Which means my 16 pound alarm clock might have a very early setting tomorrow!

Speaking of pipsqueak, he has already learned how to make a sympathy play. At 5 months. I am in so much trouble. Anyways, I was picking him up at daycare today and they had him sitting in one of the little seats built into the table where they feed the kids. They said he wanted to watch and was having a good old time there. He saw me and smiled and I paused for a second to talk to one of the ladies and his lower lip just jutted out and his little face crumpled and he started making crying noises. So I walked over and picked him up and no sooner did I have him in my arms that he turned around, looked at the woman I was speaking to and smiled. I fell victim to the fake fuss today.

Ok, enough for now. Less garish font colors tomorrow, I promise. 

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Soña said...

Loving the new design!