Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Charlie goes to Washington

One of these days I'm going to write a blog post when I'm not totally and completely exhausted. And it will be riveting. Until then, I will focus on making complete sentences and keeping the grammar errors to a minimum. So here goes.

We went up to DC this weekend to visit friends and sight see like we never really made the time to when we actually lived there. We used some more of Brad's hotel rewards and stayed at the tres swank St. Regis near the White House. Lakshmy and Mike stayed there with us and we were quite glamorous and fancy the whole time.

Friday night when we got in town we headed over to Georgia Brown's for dinner and oh. my. gosh. It was good. All new Southern food and they are kind enough to ask when you order if you want the heads taken off of your shrimp! So as you can see, "fancy" was just the theme of the weekend. Charlie was pretty tired so we passed him around during dinner. I think we could have left him with the hostesses and been fine - they kept waving at him from the hostess stand and coming over to our table. It was refreshing to go somewhere nice on a weekend night and not be eyed like a pariah for having a baby. Here's Mike and Charlie, discussing the pros and cons of removing the heads from your shrimp:

The next morning Brad and I got our usual starbucks (soy misto) and just started walking. We do that sometimes and can just walk for hours looking at things and talking. Charlie is so good in his stroller - he loves to watch people and he'll zonk out and nap for a while. Such a good little traveler.

Brad got very excited about all the ducks in the park by the White House. So Charlie posed with them.
Charlie and me by the Washington monument:
Charlie and Brad about to bring President Obama his morning starbucks:
At first I thought it would be funny to just have Charlie posing alone in front of a bunch of monuments. But when we passed the camera around later to show those pictures Mike laughed and said it looked like an abandoned baby in front of the White House. In my head it was so much cuter then that! But anyways, here he is, the abandoned baby in front of the White House:

The rest of the pictures were on Lakshmy's camera so I will have to get those to post.

We spent Saturday having lunch and going to the newly remodeled American History museum with Lakshmy and Mike. We walked through this transportation exhibit and saw the Chrysler minivan from the 80's that everyone's parents seemed to have. Ah, memories. The museum was getting insanely crowded so we left and took naps at the hotel while it rained. It was heavenly. A nap! In a Starwood heavenly bed no less.

We went for an early dinner at Matchbox and met our friends Ed and Steph. We had an awesome time and the food was delish. They do miniburgers and all these wood fired pizzas there. We discussed important and pressing topics like women who throw drinks in men's faces - does this only happen in the movies? What about indignant slaps across the face? And what is the best NPR app for iPhone?

We had one brief snafu when I needed to change Charlie's diaper and there was not a changing table or other flat surface to be found in the restaurant. The waitress sent us to the back ladies room where she said the counter was bigger... yeah, bigger and with a big square hole in the middle to drop your trash. So we improvised and Lakshmy became a human changing table and it was the quickest diaper change ever. Charlie was less then cooperative - in his tired state he just couldn't appreciate the outside of the box thinking that was going on.

Sunday morning there was more coffee and walking and then we met up with Lakshmy and Mike to walk over to the Tabard Inn for brunch. Another breathtaking dining experience. I offer you two words: homemade donuts. They were still warm. I think this place has stolen Paula Deen's key to making dishes taste good: cream cheese. They put it in almost everything there - at least everything with eggs. Wowzers.

We had another diaper snafu at this place. I noticed Charlie was concentrating really hard and so I pulled his shorts back a tad to check and all the sudden there "stuff" going everywhere. I panicked, stood up, grabbed napkins, started talking in a high pitched voice - all the things you do in an emergency. The bathroom is up a rickety set of stairs (it's called "atmosphere" people) and I had no idea how to get him up there without "stuff" going everywhere. Brad scooped him up and ran up there with Lakshmy and I close behind. Fortunately there was a dresser we could use for a changing table and Charlie even got a bath in the sink. This rookie mom has finally learned to have an extra outfit on hand. By the time we sat back down at the table, I was exhausted! Three adults vs. the diaper from hell. And we won! Mike watched over the table and had another donut.

After that it was time to head home. We stopped by Potomac Mills for the Carter's outlet but what a waste of time. The prices aren't any better then Kohl's and the line was a mile long. Lots of Northern Virginia traffic on the way home too. I miss a lot of things about DC, but that traffic on 95 is not one of them.

I was sad for the weekend to come to an end. I miss Lakshmy so much; I wish I could see her all the time. We are discussing a girl's weekend soon, perhaps to Prince Edward Island so we can pretend to be Anne of Green Gables except we would dump Gilbert because seriously, what a loser. So that would be fun.

I've been running around ever since we got home trying to get the house ready for the maid service and laundry done for Brad to leave town and... well I'll stop because just typing it is making me more tired and that will just mean more grammatical errors. So Good Night!

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Lakshmy said...

I miss you! It felt strange not eating a huge breakfast this morning. I downloaded some pics from the weekend - will send them your way! xoxoxo.