Monday, August 3, 2009


A couple of days ago I had one of those experiences where you realize something and say EEK, I didn't take care of that. And EEK, it's too late to take care of it because this child is no longer a newborn. So EEK, here they are . Specifically:

1. I never sent out baby announcements.
2. I have not had a single professional photo taken of my baby, who is now 5 months old.

From a glass half full perspective, if you never received a baby announcement from me - GOOD NEWS! Nobody did! You're still A list to me!

I've gotten a couple of comments recently about never sending them out, which is probably what made me pause long enough in my very hectic life to have this nauseating realization. I looked into ordering some photo announcements online but it's really kind of silly because Charlie no longer looks the same as he did as a newborn .... and also due to confession #2, I don't have a good picture to send out anyways.

Don't get me wrong - I have oodles of cute pictures - but there is this crazy-high standard for photography on baby announcements these days and you need, for example, an artistic shot of a tiny left foot and the baby sleeping on a stack of white towels in order to be successful. Me and my Sony digital from 2002 just really didn't come up with anything like that.

The crazy part is that in the last couple of months I was pregnant I researched baby announcements quite a bit and even picked the one I thought I wanted on But then reality set in and compounding reality was a bunch of other personal crises. I won't get into the gory details but we had more then the average bear to deal with around here and the photo/announcement thing didn't really occur to me until like, last week. Yeah. EEK.

So I think I'm just going to order some non-photo keepsake type announcements for family and close friends. If you want one, by all means, let me know. With minimum orders on that type of thing I'm sure we'll have plenty of extras. Maybe I'll laminate some and use them as coasters! Quality cardstock should not be wasted after all.

As for the professional photos, I'm not entirely sure where that got lost in the shuffle either. There is a photographer that comes to the hospital and takes baby pictures before you go home but we looked at the brochure and they were not very good pictures and they were hideously expensive. Even if we'd decided to get them done, I doubt he came in the day we went home as there was 8 inches of snow on the ground and the entire city was shut down. Sooo, kind of Mother Nature's fault too?? Yes, yes, definitely. I'm now going to set a good example of sharing for my son and share the blame with her.

One thing I do remember - I told Brad we'd have some photos taken when Charlie was 6 months old and voila! Christmas cards! Yes, I planned months ahead of time for Christmas cards, but did not consider the immediate need of baby announcements/newborn photos. I just... have no idea why I did that. And I also remember my thrifty husband asking why we would do such a thing for Christmas cards when we were taking almost constant pictures of Charlie at home. Bless him. He doesn't realize the left foot and white towel requirements.

So anyways, with Charlie's 6 month birthday coming up in a few weeks I'm looking for just the right photographer. I think I may hire the guy who categorizes his website with a 'First Year' section and not a 'Newborn' section. Because obviously, he understands my dilemma.

At this point, since I can't go back in time and get it all taken care of, I just have to accept it and move on. I asked Charlie tonight if he thought he could move past this snafu and he smiled and blew a raspberry. I take that as a Yes. I'm also really thinking there will plenty of football game programs or signed baseballs or other things of the like that are held more near and dear to him then a 5x5 card with a naked picture of him and some little elephants on it. Just a theory but one that makes me feel a tiny bit better about all of it.


ncrain123 said...

I want whatever you send out! Frankly, most newborns all look alike, and it has been just in the last 2 months Charlie looks like himself and has developed a wonderful personality, so six months is perfect for a picture.
I remember the newborn pictures of you girls and they were more dress than baby.

holly said...

I want one, too!

Amy Gunther said...

I am in the same boat. Five months old. No announcements. No professional photographs. We were so busy before the move and Finn seemed to be in that awkward baby acne/cradle cap phase for so long that I didn't want those pictures to be our baby announcement. Debating now on getting 6 month or 1 year old photos...I found an English speaking photographer that has beautiful work. Need to find out the rates...

Soña said...

You might have a cute left foot in your stack of already taken photos -- crop and zoom and of course the old "change to black and white" can really make a big difference in baby photography ;) But even so no worries, Charlie has his own website that announced his arrival. Who needs something as "normal" as a paper announcement :)