Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Months of Charlie

Please forgive another series of crappy iPhone pictures of Charlie. I promise promise promise I am less then 24 hours away from getting a new camera. I have it all picked out and just have to carve out some of my abundance of free time to go to Best Buy and get it. You know my iPhone started out taking such great pictures but the quality seems to diminish over time. Not sure why. It's like it knows I'm counting on it now.

Anyhoo, little Charlie is now 6 months old! I have to say, I love this age. He is talkative and playful and smiley and laughs all the time. So much fun to be with. We go places and he stares and grabs for things that interest him. We play games and he loves to be surprised. I nibble on his fingers and toes and tickle his neck and tummy and it is like the ultimate in entertainment. He's just so much fun now. He's always been fun but this is a new kind of interactive fun.

His personality is also really coming out and he is just so happy and loving. He is always so excited to see us (especially Brad who gets an enthusiastic greeting like nobody else does) and smiles and babbles at just about everyone he meets. He loves the ladies that keep him at daycare and gives them big happy smiles when we walk in in the morning. I personally think (and don't go telling any of the other parents this) that for one of them, he is her very favorite. And really who can blame her. But I'm biased. He wants to do what the big kids do (and by big I mean 12 months old) so it will be exciting when he can sit up unattended (we are close but no cigar) to do splash day and some of the other activities.

One of his favorite hobbies when we're home is to watch ceiling fans. We have 2 in our sun room (the only ones in the house) and one works and one doesn't. He'll stare at one and then look over at the other confused as to why it's not turning. Like, I'll check back in a minute - that must be a fluke. He also loves to watch the poodles and if they pay him the slightest bit of attention he laughs his head off. I haven't been successful in getting it on film yet, but I am determined.

He still hates his car seat but baths are getting more fun. Splashing and floaty toys now make taking a bath worth our very valuable baby time. Once he can sit up I think it will be time to move him to the big tub. He is outgrowing the little baby tub. I think he'll love the big tub and all the toys that go along with that. I predict bath time will double in length.

As for toys he loves anything that plays music and can still spend quite a bit of time in his exersaucer pulling and pushing things to make sounds. He also loves to chew on everything but there is no sign of any teeth popping through yet. His only use for books at this point is for chewing so we are sticking to board books! I'll try to read to him from time to time but if there are other things to see in the room then the message comes across loud and clear - you are cramping my style with these stupid 'sit still' activities Mom.

He still loves to eat. We have gone from just tasting a little food in the evening (while the rest went all over his face) to an all-out meal around 6 where jars become empty. And he still takes down his bottle before bed. His favorites are peas and squash, which I mix with some rice cereal. We're trying new things here and there now that he's 6 months and Garden Vegetables were quite popular. I know I am the ultimate in lazy for not making this stuff myself, but the jarred stuff is so convenient! And its organic! I need to make a post-Labor Day resolution to make Charlie's food. I actually love to cook so I'm not sure what my deal is.

Last week daycare asked me to start bringing in food for him at lunch because his "friend" (meaning they are the same age but barely acknowledge each other's existence) Freddy just turned 6 months and is eating actual food at lunch. When I pick Charlie up the sheet each day so far says something like 'All Gone!' or 'Ate all of it!' so I guess he likes eating lunch. He fits in with the other kids and all that.

Most of his 6 month old clothes are getting too short and I'm cycling them out of his dresser. He's wearing 9 month in just about everything and I'm trying to find a few things that will fit for the rest of the time it's hot because fall is almost here! I'm also going to need to find him a little Arkansas football jersey to wear on Saturdays. Brad always wears the Darren McFadden one I got him a couple of years ago and I think it's only appropriate they match!

Bed time has got to be the most awesome perk of this baby getting older. Up until recently I would rock Charlie to sleep while he ate his last bottle of the day. When he was done eating I would gently burp him and we would rock rock rock until he was fairly asleep. I would gently lay him down, tip toe out and cross my fingers he was down for good.

A couple of weeks ago I installed this rain forest soother thing in his crib that plays music and water sounds. Now I just turn that on, lay Charlie down on his tummy with a toy, kiss his head and say good night and leave the room. There are contented baby play sounds for about 10 minutes and then he's out. How did this happen??? Sometimes I rock him anyways just to be close to him. He's so nice to snuggle.

While Charlie loves the poodles and thinks they are funny, they are a little wary of him. He pulls their hair some. Tonight while Charlie was getting his picture taken Ringo just up and decided he needed to be in the picture too. With no prompting he just sat down in front of the chair!

Zoe is never one to be left out but didn't really grasp the concept of posing so she and Charlie just did a little stare down. Ringo is still trying to convince me how good he is.

I'm sure there's loads I'm forgetting, which I will post when I remember. But it's late and I should go to bed. Charlie and I are flying solo unexpectedly this week. Brad was supposed to work from home because we leave Thursday morning for Florida for a family wedding. Instead he found out yesterday he has to go to Dodge City, Kansas for a few days. He just got there while I was typing this. He says it smells like cow.

Speaking of Florida, we are going to the beach which is awesome because Charlie is old enough for sunscreen now! He is so fair skinned I don't think we should have him out in the sun long at all but we can go down to the sand or to the pool and let him check it all out. I wonder if he'll be scared of the ocean. Heaven knows Ringo is. And he's got Charlie by a good 35 pounds and 4+ years of life.

Well that's the update. Stats will come in a few weeks. Unfortunately we don't see the doctor for his 6 month check up until he's closer to 7 months old because I waited to schedule the appointment. Procrastination gets me again!

A baby update would be nothing without the out takes, so here they are:


amygunther said...

He is so precious Kara. I just love the outfit that he is wearing too. Very appropriate for a six month photo shoot. The photo of Ringo and Charlie is priceless. Ringo looks so poised for the photograph, like he is saying, "This one is a framer!"

Tracy said...

Charlie and Owen are so close in age, but Charlie always seems miles ahead. :) It's so fun to see what we have to look forward to!