Monday, August 31, 2009

6 Months of Charlie

Please forgive another series of crappy iPhone pictures of Charlie. I promise promise promise I am less then 24 hours away from getting a new camera. I have it all picked out and just have to carve out some of my abundance of free time to go to Best Buy and get it. You know my iPhone started out taking such great pictures but the quality seems to diminish over time. Not sure why. It's like it knows I'm counting on it now.

Anyhoo, little Charlie is now 6 months old! I have to say, I love this age. He is talkative and playful and smiley and laughs all the time. So much fun to be with. We go places and he stares and grabs for things that interest him. We play games and he loves to be surprised. I nibble on his fingers and toes and tickle his neck and tummy and it is like the ultimate in entertainment. He's just so much fun now. He's always been fun but this is a new kind of interactive fun.

His personality is also really coming out and he is just so happy and loving. He is always so excited to see us (especially Brad who gets an enthusiastic greeting like nobody else does) and smiles and babbles at just about everyone he meets. He loves the ladies that keep him at daycare and gives them big happy smiles when we walk in in the morning. I personally think (and don't go telling any of the other parents this) that for one of them, he is her very favorite. And really who can blame her. But I'm biased. He wants to do what the big kids do (and by big I mean 12 months old) so it will be exciting when he can sit up unattended (we are close but no cigar) to do splash day and some of the other activities.

One of his favorite hobbies when we're home is to watch ceiling fans. We have 2 in our sun room (the only ones in the house) and one works and one doesn't. He'll stare at one and then look over at the other confused as to why it's not turning. Like, I'll check back in a minute - that must be a fluke. He also loves to watch the poodles and if they pay him the slightest bit of attention he laughs his head off. I haven't been successful in getting it on film yet, but I am determined.

He still hates his car seat but baths are getting more fun. Splashing and floaty toys now make taking a bath worth our very valuable baby time. Once he can sit up I think it will be time to move him to the big tub. He is outgrowing the little baby tub. I think he'll love the big tub and all the toys that go along with that. I predict bath time will double in length.

As for toys he loves anything that plays music and can still spend quite a bit of time in his exersaucer pulling and pushing things to make sounds. He also loves to chew on everything but there is no sign of any teeth popping through yet. His only use for books at this point is for chewing so we are sticking to board books! I'll try to read to him from time to time but if there are other things to see in the room then the message comes across loud and clear - you are cramping my style with these stupid 'sit still' activities Mom.

He still loves to eat. We have gone from just tasting a little food in the evening (while the rest went all over his face) to an all-out meal around 6 where jars become empty. And he still takes down his bottle before bed. His favorites are peas and squash, which I mix with some rice cereal. We're trying new things here and there now that he's 6 months and Garden Vegetables were quite popular. I know I am the ultimate in lazy for not making this stuff myself, but the jarred stuff is so convenient! And its organic! I need to make a post-Labor Day resolution to make Charlie's food. I actually love to cook so I'm not sure what my deal is.

Last week daycare asked me to start bringing in food for him at lunch because his "friend" (meaning they are the same age but barely acknowledge each other's existence) Freddy just turned 6 months and is eating actual food at lunch. When I pick Charlie up the sheet each day so far says something like 'All Gone!' or 'Ate all of it!' so I guess he likes eating lunch. He fits in with the other kids and all that.

Most of his 6 month old clothes are getting too short and I'm cycling them out of his dresser. He's wearing 9 month in just about everything and I'm trying to find a few things that will fit for the rest of the time it's hot because fall is almost here! I'm also going to need to find him a little Arkansas football jersey to wear on Saturdays. Brad always wears the Darren McFadden one I got him a couple of years ago and I think it's only appropriate they match!

Bed time has got to be the most awesome perk of this baby getting older. Up until recently I would rock Charlie to sleep while he ate his last bottle of the day. When he was done eating I would gently burp him and we would rock rock rock until he was fairly asleep. I would gently lay him down, tip toe out and cross my fingers he was down for good.

A couple of weeks ago I installed this rain forest soother thing in his crib that plays music and water sounds. Now I just turn that on, lay Charlie down on his tummy with a toy, kiss his head and say good night and leave the room. There are contented baby play sounds for about 10 minutes and then he's out. How did this happen??? Sometimes I rock him anyways just to be close to him. He's so nice to snuggle.

While Charlie loves the poodles and thinks they are funny, they are a little wary of him. He pulls their hair some. Tonight while Charlie was getting his picture taken Ringo just up and decided he needed to be in the picture too. With no prompting he just sat down in front of the chair!

Zoe is never one to be left out but didn't really grasp the concept of posing so she and Charlie just did a little stare down. Ringo is still trying to convince me how good he is.

I'm sure there's loads I'm forgetting, which I will post when I remember. But it's late and I should go to bed. Charlie and I are flying solo unexpectedly this week. Brad was supposed to work from home because we leave Thursday morning for Florida for a family wedding. Instead he found out yesterday he has to go to Dodge City, Kansas for a few days. He just got there while I was typing this. He says it smells like cow.

Speaking of Florida, we are going to the beach which is awesome because Charlie is old enough for sunscreen now! He is so fair skinned I don't think we should have him out in the sun long at all but we can go down to the sand or to the pool and let him check it all out. I wonder if he'll be scared of the ocean. Heaven knows Ringo is. And he's got Charlie by a good 35 pounds and 4+ years of life.

Well that's the update. Stats will come in a few weeks. Unfortunately we don't see the doctor for his 6 month check up until he's closer to 7 months old because I waited to schedule the appointment. Procrastination gets me again!

A baby update would be nothing without the out takes, so here they are:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Charlie Swinging

Daycare is closed for a teacher workday and I took a vacation day so Charlie and I could hang out. Somehow I got the idea to let Charlie try out the swings at the park and so we met Colleen, Kristen S. and their kids at the park. Here's some video of Charlie's first swing:

I had some photos that were cute of him smiling on my camera but my camera has decided to stop recognizing that it does in fact have a memory stick. We so need a new camera. Thanks to Lakshmy I know which one I want, I just need to buy it. Then watch out! Photo overload on the blog!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nice to Haves

Yesterday Charlie was 6 months old which means I have been a parent for 6 months. And before that I was pregnant for 9+ months. Obviously I am now the voice of authority for what you should and should not purchase if you are pregnant or about to give birth. OK, not really.

I titled this entry purposely since my 'must haves' may not be yours (or your cousin's neighbor's sister who you really need a creative baby gift for). I guess I could have also named it 'unsolicited advice'. I've been thinking about it some because I have a friend who is newly pregnant with her first child. She will remain nameless as there's still a bunch of people she hasn't told. I'll give you a clue. We're Facebook friends. hahahhaha.

Another reason to write this down is that I will otherwise forget one day when #2 comes along with the way my memory has been operating lately. Then I'll be standing in the kitchen really needing something and saying dangit, I totally used that all the time with Charlie - how did I forget??? And then Charlie will ask for some juice and I'll forget I need it in the first place.

It's also rather cathartic to come clean with all the stupid things I have done thus far. May you or someone you love learn from my mistakes!

So here goes:

Nice to have when you're preggers:
  • The Baby Bargains book. Look, you just saved $1,000 by reading my blog!
  • Japanese Weekend OK Maternity Bengaline pant. My friend Karen lent me 3 pairs of these and they fit better then any other maternity pants I wore. They also looked nice after the baby was born (like I had anywhere to go). Something about that special waistband. Totally worth the investment, at least for some black ones. Says the girl who didn't have to actually buy any. Thanks Karen!
  • Speaking of JW, if you live in Dallas or thereabouts, you have no excuse but to visit the Japanese Weekend store. They have 4 stores in the whole world and you've got one in your area. Their sale rack is incredible; it's the holy grail of maternity shopping.
  • A really nice pair of maternity jeans. I got some Citizen ones and no matter how cowish I was feeling before we went somewhere, I'd put them on and feel fabush. Now, they were a splurge, but I wore them a ton and they are still in great shape. One of my pregnant friends is wearing them next. And I hope to wear them again one day. They're an investment.
  • Shea butter for your tummy. It will help stretch marks from appearing, but if your momma's got them, you probably will too. In which case use it after. Nubian Heritage is my favorite - the olive oil & green tea smells yummy. Whole Foods has it in all scents.
  • An OB you click with. I don't care if their peers in the entire tri-state area have nominated them as the best - if you don't click with them (or worse, they are so popular from the publicity they have almost no time to spend with you) it's not going to work. I was lucky to have this and it made my decision making easier and my experience (the one where she cut my stomach open) fun!
  • Electric heating pad. The $11.97 CVS version will do fine. Your back will say Thank You!
  • Supersize container of Tums
  • Hanky Pankies or their friends, the Target knock off hanky pankies. They'll fit the whole time and don't heartlessly remind you how big you're getting by not coming up past your knees when you're late for work.
  • A sense of humor
  • A friend or family member you can whine to (the only way the previous bullet can be accomplished sometimes)
What I wish I'd gotten: a bunch of really comfy maternity pajamas early on. My mom told me my Old Navy ones were kind of not-cute (in a nice way) and she was right. And it's nice to feel cute when you're smuggling a watermelon. I also wish I'd gotten one of those bands you put around your waist to relieve the pressure on your lower back. They have them at the drugstore. I think I suffered more then necessary for not having one.

Nice to have for labor and maternity leave:
  • Giant cups with lids for water. You'll think you've just crawled across the Mohave desert you'll be so thirsty. The hospital gives you one, but it's nice to have a backup for when it's in the wash.
  • As many takeout and delivery menus as you can find. Self explanatory.
  • Some beer to help your milk come in. I don't care if it's a myth or an old wives tale - a single beer will feel like nectar of the gods after birth. This got the thumbs up (in moderation of course) from my OB. Another reason we 'clicked'.
  • If you have a C section, some vitamin E oil for your scar (wait 8 or so weeks). I found good stuff at Whole Foods. The higher the I.U. number the better - more concentrated I think. Massage in a circular motion to make your scar fade faster.
  • Nursing bras (if you are nursing). Go ahead and splurge. You will be putting these through the ringer. I ordered cheapos from the Gap and they are now so ratty now I wouldn't lend them to a nursing dog.
  • Some nursing tops if you're nursing. When junior needs to eat every 1.5 hours, you want some easy access to the goods. I got some from the Gap but they aren't much to look at. Of course, neither was I.
  • Really soft nursing pajamas. Even if you aren't breastfeeding these will fit over the belly you didn't realize you were bringing home from the hospital. ***word of warning: the Olian ones shrink like crazy. Probably because I put them in the dryer. I'm a new mother - like I am going to LINE DRY pajamas. Whatever. Buy Large.
  • Mesh panties like they give you in the hospital. I didn't realize I could bring home the extra ones from the hospital and wash them so I tossed them or left them. That was stupid. If you have a C-section it will be amazing how all existing panties hit right where your incision is! You can get some at a drug supply store or online.
  • Comfy slippers with rubber soles so you don't fall. I like these Acorn ones.
  • Spanx. For that special dinner out when Grandma is watching the baby and none of your dresses fit.
  • Vicodin (doctor prescribed of course)
  • A sense of humor (aided, if possible, by the previous bullet)

Nice to have a for a baby who is less then 6 months old:
  • Newborn sized clothes. I didn't realize what a sizable difference there is between 'newborn' and '0-3 months'. Zero does not really mean zero in this case. My mom had to go out in the snow to buy Charlie some clothes that weren't ridiculously too big. And he was an 8 pound baby!!! An 8 pound baby whose mother had no fitting clothes for. Arguably my first parental mistake. Awwww, makes me all nostalgic.
  • Waffle weave (thermal) receiving blankets. I didn't use the regular kind at all. These can double as swaddlers if your baby likes being swaddled. Mine hated it.
  • A small fan for the nursery. Never underestimate the power of white noise. Also good for SIDS prevention.
  • Drool bibs. Baby Bargains wrote in 2008 that these were unnecessary. Sure, if you like changing your baby's drool-soaked outfit every 2 hours then they probably are unnecessary. I also have a great plastic curved Baby Bjorn bib my friend Kristen gave me that goes in the dishwasher after it's covered with baby food. Brilliant!
  • An interesting mobile with music that won't drive you insane. I liked this one.
  • A car seat mirror that plays music. We've shopped extensively and there is not one in existence with music that won't drive you insane. Embrace your insanity and enjoy the otherwise quiet car.
  • A swinging device and a vibrating device (no not that kind!) for the baby to sit in. Borrowed or used if possible because there is no guarantee your child will actually like them. There is a risk here of feeling stupid for spending $75 on something your child hates.
  • A supped up exersaucer - the more you spend, the larger the blocks of much needed sanity time you will get.
  • A Child's Gift Of Lullabies. I don't know if it's the songs or this woman's voice, but Charlie hears it and is instantly relaxed. I hear his Aunt Clare reacted the same way as a baby. =)
  • If you have two levels in your house, a pack n' play with a changing table set up on the floor the nursery is not on will save you so many trips up and down the stairs. I'm just not a person who can change a diaper on the sofa or floor.
  • Anything from Two Funny Girls. Shameless plug for my friend Kristy. But the waterproof labels are nice for daycare, the bibs and towels are soft and oversized - also good for baby gifts. Anything with your baby's name on it is much appreciated at daycare and increases its chances of coming back home.
  • For travel, the MacLaren Triumph stroller. I can't sing its praises enough. You can collapse it using 1 foot while holding the baby. Best money we have spent (besides diapers natch) hands down.
  • Also for travel, a zip up bag with wheels to transport and protect your car seat. You can check it for free. The rental car companies will charge you more then they paid for that Cosco Scenara that doesn't come installed for your 2 day trip. My cousin got us one and we didn't pay it much mind until we actually had to travel with our car seat. Yay Kim you're brilliant!
  • A case of wine
  • A sense of humor (aided, if possible, by the previous bullet)
One thing I thought I would use, but didn't: The Itzbeen timer. People rave about this, but I am boring and old fashioned and used a *gasp* pen and paper. Not sure why it didn't work for me but at $29.99 it felt like a waste. It's going to a pregnant friend in the hopes it will get some use.

One last thing, if you haven't signed up for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall emails, you can do so here:

So there you go. I'm sure I'm forgetting about a hundred things in my lists of things nobody asked me to make. These were the first ones that popped to mind.

Well better run and take care of things while Charlie is napping. Add 'naps' to all 3 of those nice to have lists!

Blog Changes for Your Reading Pleasure

I added some links on the left hand side (below my friends' blogs) of my favorite decorating blogs. I love reading decorating blogs and have gotten some great ideas from them. Some of those ideas have gone on to become greatness or semi-greatness in my own home. Others remain on my To Do List That Will Never Be Finished.

A few of these decorating blogs are so fabulous I finish reading them and experience feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. Why I want to share those with you by providing the links, I'm not sure. I'm starting to wonder if these blogs are really inspiration to save up money for a decorator and then know enough of what I want to become that really bossy know-it-all client. Dare to dream.

Anyhow, if you're into that kind of thing, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video Tuesday: I Heart Peas

First off - Birthday Shout Outs to my sister Meredith!!! I was 4 years old when she was born and I was not happy about not being the center of attention anymore! To retaliate I completely covered her and her nursery in talcum powder when she was an infant. I think I made my point. Now she is one of my best friends and I love her to pieces! Hope it's an awesome birthday Mer Mer! Wuv u!

Since Meredith loves when I post video and pictures of her nephew, I am posting a Charlie Spooner video jubilee. I call it a jubilee, it's really more of a featurette. Three - count 'em - three back to back Charlie videos.

And they are all of Charlie eating peas. I still can't believe my child's favorite food is peas. Brad and I both pretty much hate peas. It's a texture thing. Does this signify something? Will he perhaps be an adventurous eater? Should I offer bok choy and sunchokes next?

I have to say, I think that whole rule about feeding babies vegetables instead of fruits first or else your baby will only like sweet foods is a bunch of bunk. When Charlie wasn't too wild about the sweet potatoes we gave him apples and bananas - granted, to a lukewarm reception, but they were still his 2nd and 3rd foods. Last week he turned down bananas twice but kid can tuck into some peas. Go figure.

Charlie's new dinner location is his high chair, which he loooooves. Many thanks to my lovely friends at work for gifting it to us! I took some video showing the enthusiasm we have for both our high chair AND peas:

Behold the 2 spoon method of feeding Charlie. We are independent, grown up babies and can not just sit there and wait for mom to feed us. We must feed ourselves!!!

Here's some post dinner enthusiasm:

Monday, August 24, 2009

Trying to Crawl

In our hotel room in DC there was some serious arm-leg coordination work going on.

I'm going to be in a lot of trouble when this child starts asking for things because how can you say no to this face????
And of course, some outtakes from our iPhone photo shoot:

More DC Pics

Charlie made every picture! How odd...

Charlie is so excited about going to the American History Museum!

The guys

Charlie had a spoon for brunch

There's no changing table in this restaurant???

We're all relieved after the diaper incident... especially Charlie

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mr. Charlie goes to Washington

One of these days I'm going to write a blog post when I'm not totally and completely exhausted. And it will be riveting. Until then, I will focus on making complete sentences and keeping the grammar errors to a minimum. So here goes.

We went up to DC this weekend to visit friends and sight see like we never really made the time to when we actually lived there. We used some more of Brad's hotel rewards and stayed at the tres swank St. Regis near the White House. Lakshmy and Mike stayed there with us and we were quite glamorous and fancy the whole time.

Friday night when we got in town we headed over to Georgia Brown's for dinner and oh. my. gosh. It was good. All new Southern food and they are kind enough to ask when you order if you want the heads taken off of your shrimp! So as you can see, "fancy" was just the theme of the weekend. Charlie was pretty tired so we passed him around during dinner. I think we could have left him with the hostesses and been fine - they kept waving at him from the hostess stand and coming over to our table. It was refreshing to go somewhere nice on a weekend night and not be eyed like a pariah for having a baby. Here's Mike and Charlie, discussing the pros and cons of removing the heads from your shrimp:

The next morning Brad and I got our usual starbucks (soy misto) and just started walking. We do that sometimes and can just walk for hours looking at things and talking. Charlie is so good in his stroller - he loves to watch people and he'll zonk out and nap for a while. Such a good little traveler.

Brad got very excited about all the ducks in the park by the White House. So Charlie posed with them.
Charlie and me by the Washington monument:
Charlie and Brad about to bring President Obama his morning starbucks:
At first I thought it would be funny to just have Charlie posing alone in front of a bunch of monuments. But when we passed the camera around later to show those pictures Mike laughed and said it looked like an abandoned baby in front of the White House. In my head it was so much cuter then that! But anyways, here he is, the abandoned baby in front of the White House:

The rest of the pictures were on Lakshmy's camera so I will have to get those to post.

We spent Saturday having lunch and going to the newly remodeled American History museum with Lakshmy and Mike. We walked through this transportation exhibit and saw the Chrysler minivan from the 80's that everyone's parents seemed to have. Ah, memories. The museum was getting insanely crowded so we left and took naps at the hotel while it rained. It was heavenly. A nap! In a Starwood heavenly bed no less.

We went for an early dinner at Matchbox and met our friends Ed and Steph. We had an awesome time and the food was delish. They do miniburgers and all these wood fired pizzas there. We discussed important and pressing topics like women who throw drinks in men's faces - does this only happen in the movies? What about indignant slaps across the face? And what is the best NPR app for iPhone?

We had one brief snafu when I needed to change Charlie's diaper and there was not a changing table or other flat surface to be found in the restaurant. The waitress sent us to the back ladies room where she said the counter was bigger... yeah, bigger and with a big square hole in the middle to drop your trash. So we improvised and Lakshmy became a human changing table and it was the quickest diaper change ever. Charlie was less then cooperative - in his tired state he just couldn't appreciate the outside of the box thinking that was going on.

Sunday morning there was more coffee and walking and then we met up with Lakshmy and Mike to walk over to the Tabard Inn for brunch. Another breathtaking dining experience. I offer you two words: homemade donuts. They were still warm. I think this place has stolen Paula Deen's key to making dishes taste good: cream cheese. They put it in almost everything there - at least everything with eggs. Wowzers.

We had another diaper snafu at this place. I noticed Charlie was concentrating really hard and so I pulled his shorts back a tad to check and all the sudden there "stuff" going everywhere. I panicked, stood up, grabbed napkins, started talking in a high pitched voice - all the things you do in an emergency. The bathroom is up a rickety set of stairs (it's called "atmosphere" people) and I had no idea how to get him up there without "stuff" going everywhere. Brad scooped him up and ran up there with Lakshmy and I close behind. Fortunately there was a dresser we could use for a changing table and Charlie even got a bath in the sink. This rookie mom has finally learned to have an extra outfit on hand. By the time we sat back down at the table, I was exhausted! Three adults vs. the diaper from hell. And we won! Mike watched over the table and had another donut.

After that it was time to head home. We stopped by Potomac Mills for the Carter's outlet but what a waste of time. The prices aren't any better then Kohl's and the line was a mile long. Lots of Northern Virginia traffic on the way home too. I miss a lot of things about DC, but that traffic on 95 is not one of them.

I was sad for the weekend to come to an end. I miss Lakshmy so much; I wish I could see her all the time. We are discussing a girl's weekend soon, perhaps to Prince Edward Island so we can pretend to be Anne of Green Gables except we would dump Gilbert because seriously, what a loser. So that would be fun.

I've been running around ever since we got home trying to get the house ready for the maid service and laundry done for Brad to leave town and... well I'll stop because just typing it is making me more tired and that will just mean more grammatical errors. So Good Night!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sick Baby

Charlie caught some kind of stomach bug and has been sick since Saturday. He had a fever, slept a lot and then on Sunday along came our friend Projectile Vomiting to visit. We went to the doctor on Monday morning just to get everything checked out and were told to give him pedialyte and let him rest. His fever passed later that day. He was still sick overnight last night but today seems much better. He's kept everything down. Poor kid has been so worn out from all of this. He is just heartbreaking to look at when he's sick.

This is the second time Charlie's been sick and the first time I was at my mom's house and had her help. It's definitely opened my eyes to the reality of having a sick child and working full time - especially when Brad has to go out of town. I used to think I could just work from home while Charlie napped and make up some hours in the evening. Yeeeahhhh.

There were just a few things I didn't take into consideration, like how sick babies don't sleep too well and when you're completely exhausted, it's hard to get work done! Sick babies are also pretty fussy (as they are, you know, sick) and take a lot of energy. After less then 4 hours sleep last night and a full day today I am drained! Hoping to go to bed soon and wake up to no germs and lots of productivity!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby and the City

We went to New York City this past weekend to visit Meredith, Lucas and Charlie's NYC fan club (above). We were blessed with good weather, excellent food, witty conversation and even a celebrity sighting (Ethan from Lost). Meredith spazzed out about the celebrity, Kara spazzed out about the cheeseburgers. I'd call it a successful visit!

We stayed near Union Square at the W Hotel. Or as I like to call it, the Eternal Cocktail Party. There is not a single place you can go in that hotel without mood lighting, dark wood, luxe mauve fabrics and groovy techno beats. While this is appreciated when it is actually cocktail hour, it's a bit much at 8am in the elevator before I've had any coffee.

Charlie always likes us to get a jump on the day and so woke up bright and early both mornings. Saturday there was a huge farmer's market at Union Square and the path for Summer Streets went right by our hotel so there were lots of people going by. Basically they shut down a bunch of streets on the weekends to car traffic so people can walk, jog, rollerblade, etc. Brad took Charlie out for a while so I could get ready and he got a little baby t-shirt for water sustainability and his picture taken for the Summer Streets photo contest. I'm still trying to hunt down the photos on the web site. If he wins he gets an orange bike which he wants to give to his Aunt MIMI!

When Meredith and Lucas were ready to go we went to Highline park, which is a new park on top of some buildings. Lots of people up there and beautiful views of the Hudson. It was there that I realized just how much we fit in with the locals by virtue of our stroller. It was like a Maclaren Triumph convention up there at the park. Don't call us tourists! We have THE stroller for city dwelling parents! I think it went to Brad's head a bit because he talked a lot during the weekend about wanting to move there. After all, it is ideal to move to Manhattan when you have 2 50 pound dogs and a newborn.

We snapped a few pics while we were up there. Here's one of Mer and Lucas and while I was trying to get the Empire State Building in the background (ok, yes, I am tourist) really all you can see is that bright red billboard with 'Stimulate' in huge words. No successful Charlie pics at this point since the exciting morning had worn him out.

We took a really nice walk back and had lunch at the Shake Shack in Madison Square park. The line usually runs around the park and people wait for an hour for really yummy burgers, fries and shakes. The burger gods were smiling on us, though and we only waited about 20 or so minutes. Then we grabbed a table in the shade and all quit talking and focused on our food until it was all gone.

I love this pic of Mer and Charlie - it's so cute how he is looking at her and smiling.

After I finished my burger I told Charlie I might eat him next.

We shopped and relaxed the rest of the day. I found Charlie some cute outfits at Baby Gap on 5th Ave. and the massive Babies R Us near our hotel. I got to see how city parents stock up on baby goods - they buy a lot, hail a cab and hope to not return for a while.

Saturday night we walked to dinner and sat out on the patio. There was turkey schnitzel and a pleasant breeze. Just lovely. I was pretty much done after that - once we got Charlie down at the hotel it was snooze city.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to get coffee. Coffee turned into a walk, which turned into a really long walk. Union Square to Times Square to Central Park. We just kept going and going and saw so many things and people. It made for a very nice morning with our Starbucks.

Can you find Brad and Charlie in this picture??

Found them!

I think we left the hotel around 7:30 and around 10 were waiting outside of FAO Schwarz for it to open. We considered getting Charlie a very large stuffed giraffe for his room until we saw the $776 price tag and thought naaaah.

We got to meet Meredith's posse for brunch on Sunday and it was so much fun. She has the neatest group of friends there and I just love them all. Charlie was either fussy or slept through most of it which was kind of a bummer but I think we'd asked all we could ask of him that weekend.

It was a great visit. We had an awesome time with Meredith and Lucas who were excellent tour guides! I highly recommend hiring them for your next trip - their rates are quite reasonable if you're family! I hope we can make it back up there again soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please forgive

I am still fiddling with the font colors, etc. on this. But I am too tired to mess with it anymore tonight. We lost power last night and it didn't come on until this evening so it has been a very tiring day! Even Charlie pooped out early. Which means my 16 pound alarm clock might have a very early setting tomorrow!

Speaking of pipsqueak, he has already learned how to make a sympathy play. At 5 months. I am in so much trouble. Anyways, I was picking him up at daycare today and they had him sitting in one of the little seats built into the table where they feed the kids. They said he wanted to watch and was having a good old time there. He saw me and smiled and I paused for a second to talk to one of the ladies and his lower lip just jutted out and his little face crumpled and he started making crying noises. So I walked over and picked him up and no sooner did I have him in my arms that he turned around, looked at the woman I was speaking to and smiled. I fell victim to the fake fuss today.

Ok, enough for now. Less garish font colors tomorrow, I promise. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Time to Redecorate

My blog needs a new look. I am not into blogging enough to know all the jargon but I believe it's called a template. If it's not called a template, forget I wrote that. 

The green and pink is grating on my nerves. Besides, I picked it when I was SO SURE I was having a girl! And it's so 2008.

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Monday, August 3, 2009


A couple of days ago I had one of those experiences where you realize something and say EEK, I didn't take care of that. And EEK, it's too late to take care of it because this child is no longer a newborn. So EEK, here they are . Specifically:

1. I never sent out baby announcements.
2. I have not had a single professional photo taken of my baby, who is now 5 months old.

From a glass half full perspective, if you never received a baby announcement from me - GOOD NEWS! Nobody did! You're still A list to me!

I've gotten a couple of comments recently about never sending them out, which is probably what made me pause long enough in my very hectic life to have this nauseating realization. I looked into ordering some photo announcements online but it's really kind of silly because Charlie no longer looks the same as he did as a newborn .... and also due to confession #2, I don't have a good picture to send out anyways.

Don't get me wrong - I have oodles of cute pictures - but there is this crazy-high standard for photography on baby announcements these days and you need, for example, an artistic shot of a tiny left foot and the baby sleeping on a stack of white towels in order to be successful. Me and my Sony digital from 2002 just really didn't come up with anything like that.

The crazy part is that in the last couple of months I was pregnant I researched baby announcements quite a bit and even picked the one I thought I wanted on But then reality set in and compounding reality was a bunch of other personal crises. I won't get into the gory details but we had more then the average bear to deal with around here and the photo/announcement thing didn't really occur to me until like, last week. Yeah. EEK.

So I think I'm just going to order some non-photo keepsake type announcements for family and close friends. If you want one, by all means, let me know. With minimum orders on that type of thing I'm sure we'll have plenty of extras. Maybe I'll laminate some and use them as coasters! Quality cardstock should not be wasted after all.

As for the professional photos, I'm not entirely sure where that got lost in the shuffle either. There is a photographer that comes to the hospital and takes baby pictures before you go home but we looked at the brochure and they were not very good pictures and they were hideously expensive. Even if we'd decided to get them done, I doubt he came in the day we went home as there was 8 inches of snow on the ground and the entire city was shut down. Sooo, kind of Mother Nature's fault too?? Yes, yes, definitely. I'm now going to set a good example of sharing for my son and share the blame with her.

One thing I do remember - I told Brad we'd have some photos taken when Charlie was 6 months old and voila! Christmas cards! Yes, I planned months ahead of time for Christmas cards, but did not consider the immediate need of baby announcements/newborn photos. I just... have no idea why I did that. And I also remember my thrifty husband asking why we would do such a thing for Christmas cards when we were taking almost constant pictures of Charlie at home. Bless him. He doesn't realize the left foot and white towel requirements.

So anyways, with Charlie's 6 month birthday coming up in a few weeks I'm looking for just the right photographer. I think I may hire the guy who categorizes his website with a 'First Year' section and not a 'Newborn' section. Because obviously, he understands my dilemma.

At this point, since I can't go back in time and get it all taken care of, I just have to accept it and move on. I asked Charlie tonight if he thought he could move past this snafu and he smiled and blew a raspberry. I take that as a Yes. I'm also really thinking there will plenty of football game programs or signed baseballs or other things of the like that are held more near and dear to him then a 5x5 card with a naked picture of him and some little elephants on it. Just a theory but one that makes me feel a tiny bit better about all of it.