Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Charlie is starting to make his preferences for mealtimes known. But despite now natural little Charlie looks with his hand wrapped around a Shiner, beer is not what's for dinner. At least, not yet. =) 

We've started introducing some new "foods" to Charlie. And I use the word food loosely because wow a lot of it does not look good to eat. At our 4 month doctor appointment we were given the OK to try some rice cereal, which we were looking forward to giving our son with the hollow leg, hoping it would actually fill him. up. But rice cereal went over like a ton of bricks. We tried to feed it to him several times, but he just squished up his face and spit it back out. Did not matter the temperature or how thick or runny. Overall, not promising.

The pediatrician recommended starting some other foods at 5 or 5 and a half months. However, I was at Target looking at the organic baby food jars and there were these little tiny stage 1 jars for 4 months and up. I picked up 3 of them (at a whopping 46 cents apiece - at least it would be cheap if Charlie hated it). We tried sweet potatoes, apples and pears. Sweet potatoes had moderate success - meaning he didn't seem to hate them as much as rice cereal. Pears got the squished up face. Apples were a hit! He would have a few bites here and there over a couple of days and then last night my mom mixed a little rice cereal in with it and he actually finished it off! 

The only other stage 1 little jar food I saw was peas which just looked... very green. So I'm going to keep trying the sweet potatoes and get some more applesauce and experiment some more. 

As for nursing, things started going downhill after I went back to work and now we're just in a tailspin. I have been trying to pump at work and get some breast milk in all his bottles even if I couldn't pump enough to fill a bottle. The 50% milk/formula mix has decreased to 20 or 30%.  I'm still trying to feed him when he wakes up and before he goes to bed, but his congestion has made that difficult. He won't feed for long - I guess because he can't breathe that well - and so my supply is reacting. Charlie gets bottles during the day when I'm at work and I think he prefers the bottle to nursing at this point, unless he's upset and then I think it's a comfort thing. I'm going to keep trying to pump and feed him in the morning and evening but I don't know if I can get the supply back up. I already have to offer up a few ounces of formula after his morning and evening feedings so we'll see. 

I'm trying not to get too hung up on it but letting go of nursing him is turning out to be harder then I thought it would be. I find myself reminiscing about when we first got home from the hospital and he was so tiny and missing that. And then I stop and say WHY?? That was so hard! But I think it's Mother Nature up to her old hijinks again and that whole maternal instinct to feed your baby. It will actually be very freeing to stop nursing but while I mentally know that I think the process of letting go of feeding him myself will just be a little difficult.  Unlike the process of letting go of the water weight that comes with breastfeeding, which will be quite enjoyable!

Tonight we are going to dinner at Matt's Rancho Martinez so Charlie can have his first chile relleno. To go with his Shiner Bock. =)

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BalogFamily said...

Glad you are at least starting him on the "right" kind of beer - only from Texas! :) Hey, thanks for putting us on your blogs to follow list - too cool! Glad you all had a nice time in Dallas. Mom said Charlie was as cute as a button!!!