Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Texas Visit

Charlie and I have been in Texas for a week and I have been a true blog slacker. Every day for the past week I've been meaning to post but it's been so busy and hectic! If the road to hell is paved with good intentions we got some major construction done this week. That must be why it's so hot...

We are in McKinney, Texas at my parents house until the 16th. My mom is a teacher and I thought it would be fun to come visit when she could spend a lot of time with Charlie. I'm lucky because my employer has an office about 20 minutes away that I can work out of when I'm here. In fact, my boss is in the Plano office. Very convenient. It's been a week of firsts for Charlie. First plane ride, first rice cereal, first illness, first time in a swimming pool (just his feet) and tonight, first sweet potatoes! But I'll start with the flight. 

You want someone to look at you like you are a pariah? Sit down next to them on the plane with a baby.  I got 'oh crap' looks from every direction when I boarded. Like I wasn't anxious enough. I was so paranoid Charlie would scream during takeoff and/or landing, or get bored during the flight or be in one of his 'you must not only hold me but stand up while doing so or you will pay' moods. But really, he did beautifully! Not a tear! It went so smoothly that at the end of the flight I thought I should get some applause or a pat on the back or something. Nothing. I proved all those people giving me the looks wrong and not so much as a smile. Because really, all these people should be thinking about me and my baby as much as I do. Ugh. Idiots.

I do have to give props to my new umbrella stroller, which is some of the best money I have spent since Charlie was born (apart from my impressive purchases at Total Wine). I got the Maclaren Triumph to use on our airport trips and it does not disappoint. I can open and close it with one hand while holding Charlie. It is 11 pounds, can carry a baby as young as 3 months and is substantial enough to use regularly at my destination. Love Love Love. Material object love.

A couple of days after we got here my mom, two sisters, Charlie and I flew to El Paso to visit my grandmother (Nana).  Meeting us there were my cousin Mike's wife and his son (Mike is currently in Afghanistan) who turns 2 in September. Nana had never met either of her great grandsons and so we all went and celebrated her 87th birthday in the nursing home where she is living. It was one of those days that was happy and sad, you know? I'm glad we all got to go and that Charlie was his usual talkative self while we were there because Nana really got a kick out of it. Charlie is named after my grandfather, Nana's husband. Also known as Daddy Chuck. 

Unfortunately during all this Charlie got sick. He had a bad cough, a low grade fever and congestion. My pediatrician told me to head to ER since I was out of town and that was a 4 hour exhausting experience. Short version of the story - Charlie has an ear infection and RSV, aka bronchialitis, aka bronchitis in a baby. It really stinks to be a sick baby because you can't take anything. Like being pregnant for 2 years. So we have amoxicillan for him and an inhaler which requires this special overpriced contraption since you can't really tell a baby 'OK - breathe in NOW' so they get the medicine. It has a mask with a duck's face on it and is downright creepy.

While waiting for the doctor or the x-rays or the breathing treatment or the prescriptions, we got a bunch of cute pics while playing with him - here are a couple:

I took those with my new iPhone - can you believe?? f there weren't so many medical do-dads in the background, I'd say these could be frame-worthy.

Charlie does seem to be on the mend after 3 days of being at home with my mom and resting. He still seems pretty tired and has been napping a bunch. I know, right? Charlie is napping. Something MUST be wrong. I think by the end of the weekend he'll be back to normal. I feel so lucky to have been with my mom during his first illness because you could paper the walls with everything I'm clueless about. She's taken such good care of him and he just loooooooooves her!

A fun part of visiting has been getting to see friends and family and eat really yummy food! We all met up with Brad (who is working in downtown Dallas this week) at Tin Star on Monday. Brad's aunt and uncle came over Wednesday for my mom's famous chicken scala. And last night I went to dinner with two extremely fun (and funny) girls - my friend Kristy and my former e-friend and now real-life friend Suzi. We went to the Screen Door for some contemporary southern food and it was so good we all got a little weepy!

Tomorrow night Brad and I are going to have a date and spend the night downtown. It will be the first time I have ever slept in a different building then Charlie. My mom and sister Megan are going to babysit and I know he's going to have a great time. I'm trying not to be too anxious about it. Brad and I are going to eat at Craft, which is Tom Colicchio's restaurant here in Dallas for all you Top Chef fans. We're staying at this hotel downtown, the Joule, which is old hat to Brad who has lived there during the week for the past couple of months for work, but for me is ooh-la-la I'm at a hotel with no baby! Our mission for dinner is to try and squeeze in a little conversation that is not all about Charlie!

Ok, the rest is going to have to get it's own post. I need some sleep first! And this post is getting painful long. More to come!


amygunther said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip in Texas - minus the emergency room. I am glad that the plane ride went smoothly. Will have to dish more about the umbrella stroller one on one later.

Meredith said...

Ooooh how was Craft? Love me some Tom Chollichs.