Friday, July 31, 2009

Some things I forgot

Eyes: still blue

Hair: has lightened to almost blond peach fuzz. Looks like my sister Meredith's hair when she was a baby.

Weight: Heavy. Oh my aching back.

Clothes: 9 month, 6 to 9 month or 6 to 12 month, depending on the brand

Diapers: Size 2, though trying to squeeze him in his remaining size 1's that we are too cheap to not use.

Favorite entertainment: his exersaucer... and probably his personal entertainment duo of Mom and Dad.

Favorite book: No silly, books require sitting still! 

Bath time: We no longer hate this. It is acceptable but not what we would call good. Getting out and being cold is still upsetting. Hmmm, Meredith this isn't your kid, is it?

Teeth: None, though there is some very impressive drooling and hand sucking going on.

Speech: Still babble though I am hopeful for a Ma-Ma. Have a feeling it will be one of the dog's names, though.

Favorite food: Whatever can be delivered the quickest. And we must at least try to feed ourselves. 

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Tracy said...

Kara, I enjoyed this post so I copied it for my blog. Thanks for the inspiration!