Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Charlie actually ate a little pureed banana baby food tonight! Our doctor had told us at 4 or 4.5 months to try a little rice cereal (which he hated) and then around the 5 month mark (now) we could try some stage 1 foods. Since Charlie seems to be famished most of the time and his liquid diet hasn't been cutting it for several weeks, I've been anxious to try some new stuff with him. At daycare they keep saying Charlie needs food! So maybe an occasional few tablespoons here and there will fill him up a bit. Maybe eventually I can even sneak some rice cereal in with it.

Obviously it was a messy experience. Maybe about a tenth went into him and the rest is all over him, me and everything else around us. The only way to get it all off was to put him in the bath and even then I found a spot on his head I missed when I was rocking him later. Nothing like crusty banana!

It was so odd because he was watching me eat dinner and then I tried to feed him and it was like he was imitating me. The few times we've tried rice cereal he's been so disinterested so it was like a 180 tonight when he was so enthusiastic.

He was very possessive of the spoon, almost like he wanted to feed himself. I think he liked the cold spoon against his gums too. He's been having some teething pain. Plus it's a very fancy spoon and Charlie is a fancy baby. Thanks Luke and Meredith for keeping us stylish when we are covered in banana baby food!

I took some videos to mark the occasion. Please ignore me babbling like an idiot in the background. But really, I never realized how fun the word 'banana' is to say over and over and over again. You should try it!

This first video is at the beginning, before we got too messy:

And that our manners were in a tailspin and it was a banana free for all.


Soña said...

Great videos! Charlie is so adorable with his spoon.

Lakshmy said...

Awwww! So cute!

ncrain123 said...

Charlie was famished! I think it is interesting that he wants to hold his bottle and now hold his own spoon. He is so precious!

Kim said...

Love it! We actually always gave Nicholas a spoon to hold while we fed him to let him experiment. He actually mastered feeding himself with it pretty quickly!