Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back from Texas

Charlie and I flew back from Texas this Wednesday night. He was great on the plane again and we were seated next to much nicer people this time. There was even a 2 year old girl across the aisle who Charlie loved watching. She was coloring and would turn and look at Charlie staring at her and giggle. Presh!

Brad and I had a very nice dinner at Craft while we were there. I am a huge Top Chef/Tom Colicchio fan so I would love to say it's marvelous, it's perfect, it's better then Cats! But I just can't ever say that about a place that charges $29 for 3 scallops, out of principle you know. That was literally all that was in the dish. Three. Oh wait, pardon moi, there was a mushroom jus with it. Everything was perfectly cooked and they brought out a little amuse bouche at the beginning and these little mini strawberry popsicles and moscato to go with our dessert. But still, I would not return. We ordered a bottle of Emeritus Pinot Noir, which was better then Cats, but is all bought up by restaurants so none available for a nice dinner at home. 

The restaurant was pretty dead for a Saturday night, despite being in the W at Victory Park, which has a club, a lounge and a couple of restaurants. There's a Ghostbar on the top floor with the obligatory Dallas wanna-be velvet rope and scantily dressed guest list girl. But the valet said they've recently shut down for 3 nights a week, so I guess the fickle 500 have moved on. Which makes the rope seem a little ridiculous. But oh so very Dallas. 

My mom and I also got a chance to get some shopping done - I found a bunch of cute stuff at the Banana Republic outlet and DSW. I'm finally getting some semblance of my former bod back so shopping is getting more fun and less depressing. Probably another 10 pounds away from it being actually fun. I've been pondering how to fit in exercise with my current schedule of work all day and take care of Charlie by myself at night. For a while I thought I'd do P90X after Charlie went to bed. I thought sure, an hour a day, I can try try try to swing that. Then my sister pointed out it was 90 minutes a day (hence the '90' in the name, duh) and I've since flushed that idea down the toilet. 90 minutes a day? Yeaaaaaahhhh right. Once I become a woman of leisure I'll get right on top of that.

Charlie has had a bear of a time getting over this cough. In fact, I can hear him napping and coughing right now. Rookie mistake: taking a baby on a plane right after vaccinations. Ah, live and learn naive mommy. All the congestion that has come with this illness seems to be one of the final nails in the coffin for nursing. He's just not interested anymore and only wants the bottle. He says it's not me, it's him, but I'm not handling the rejection too well. He's still spitting out any rice cereal or baby food we give him so we have 2 pathetically short partial feedings a day from me (where he pulls off and looks at me like are we done with this nonsense yet? where's my bottle?) and formula the rest of the time. Charlie has an incredible metabolism - I wish I had it - and is constantly hungry. I guess he just wants his food and he wants it fast.

We are having a pretty low key weekend. I was beat after the flight and 2 days of work so I'm trying to get some rest and get organized around here. Next Friday we are flying to Arkansas for Brad's mom's wedding. Connecting flights with a baby - fun! But I'll have Brad with me this time so it should be easier.... at least until we have install the car seat in the rental car. If this trip to Dallas has taught me anything it's that car seats are a royal pain to install. 

We watched a pretty good movie last night - have you seen Push? Dakota Fanning dresses up like an Olsen twin and can see the future! It won't change your life, but was fun to watch and was in my On Demand new releases. They also have all the episodes I missed of 16 and Pregnant! I mean, that's what lazy weekends are for, right? Naps and questionable television!

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aichiba said...

Sounds like you had fun in Dallas. Sorry we missed you. Let me know when you are coming back. Charlie is adorable :)