Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pinehurst 2009 - Charlie's First Vacation

Every summer for the past 4 years we have gone with Brad's dad, stepmom and sister to Pinehurst, NC for a long weekend. Golf (which I haven't played since I got a D when I took it in college) is the big draw around there. I think Pinehurst has more golf courses per capita than anywhere else or something like that. The US Open has been held there on Pinehurst #2 - the repeat program on the hotel tv has taught me that much! The resort has a few properties and we have always stayed at the Carolina, which is this beautiful old hotel that has long porches with rocking chairs and tea in the lobby every afternoon. They used to have a bagpiper come play out front every evening at 6, but he's graduated high school (!) and is going off to college so doesn't come anymore.

Next door to the Carolina is the Pinehurst Spa, which if it had pearly gates in front I'd be pretty convinced it was heaven. I got a couple of treatments during the visit and it is just so relaxing to be in there. I take a book, get my little smoothie and just hang out by the indoor pool afterwards. I've been reading Wicked, which is a very enjoyable book if you're looking for something to read. And if you ever get a chance to visit the Pinehurst Spa - run, don't walk.

The other big draw is tennis, though I did not get a chance to play this year because I was pretty busy with Charlie in the morning while Brad played golf and it was just too hot to play in the afternoon. We love one of the pros there so it's always fun to see him. My sister-in-law plays almost non-stop. It's neat to watch her - she is 18 and very good at tennis. I find myself wondering how such a little person can hit the ball that hard!

This was our first visit there with Charlie. We had an awesome time and Charlie for the most part was cooperative. He was going through a growth spurt while we were there and wanted to eat about every 30 minutes. Always during dinner. He ate 12 oz one night! Hollow legs, I tell you what. Walking around the hotel with Charlie was like being famous - people would stop and talk to whoever was holding him and then come up whenever they'd see Charlie again. The front desk staff would wave and say Hi Charlie! every time we walked by. It was crazy, but fun to meet so many people this time. He did a great job of sleeping at night and enjoyed some long walks around the town. Napping - not so much.

We celebrated Father's Day when we were there and Charlie (who has quite a budget for a kid his age) got Brad a new camera. Unfortunately, Brad and I didn't learn how to work it just right while we were there and so there are no good pictures from it. In fact, I don't think there is a single picture from any of our trips there. For some reason, we just don't take pictures when we go! But it's an awesome time - can't wait for 2010! Charlie will be able to go to the pool and do more things. And we should definitely have the new camera figured out by then!
Update: I neglected to mention that I also got to celebrate my birthday at Pinehurst. How I blocked out getting another year older, I'm not quite sure! But I had a wonderful birthday - took Charlie on a long walk, hit the spa and had an incredible dinner. One of the servers, who has an incredible voice, sang me happy birthday and Charlie found it mesmerizing! He was sitting on my lap at the time. My famous-baby-ultimate-bday-gift. =)

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