Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've been meaning to post about this For-EVUH. Because I'm like totally a contributing writer to Glamour magazine now. Well. That's probably a stretch. Let me back up.

My sister Meredith, who lives in Brooklyn, has fascinating friends who do fascinating things. One such fascinating friend is Jess, who works for (the web site for Glamour magazine), my #2 choice to read while getting a pedicure (after US Weekly). She was doing a Mother's Day piece where a bunch of people write about the best relationship advice they received from their mothers and asked Meredith to ask me if I had any ideas.

To be honest, I was pretty tired at the time and not feeling particularly creative, so I thought a lot of my ideas were lame. I kept thinking I know my mom has had a ton of good advice I'm not remembering that would be so cute for this and THINK Kara THINK. But the brain did not really cooperate. So I emailed Meredith and said I can't think of a whole bunch, just these two ideas.

Meredith sent them to Jess, who actually liked one of them (yay!) and she sent me some follow-up questions. I answered them and then Jess took all of it and compiled it and made it sound similar in style to the other entries - 'Glamourized' it, if you will. She emailed me one more time with the final and I liked it so I told her and it was ready to go.

And that, children, is how I became PUBLISHED. Sort of.

Here's the link:

P.S. That is not Brad and me in the picture frolicking on the beach in our wedding best. Oddly, we were not asked to model for this! I think the bags under my eyes alone would have taken up the whole screen.

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Meredith said...

Oh I forgot to tell you I may join you in Glamour fame- Jess interviewed me about a bad date I went on and they took my picture! My humiliation=Glamour's gain.
Also SO happy you are on twitter!