Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bird in my Bedroom

I was running around the house today while Charlie was at daycare, cleaning up and doing laundry and that sort of thing. I went to go put something in my bathroom and when I walked out a bird flew at my head. AT my head; not towards it or past me or around me. Like, I'm a mad bird and you will pay human. Of course I screamed and ran out of the room and shut the door. He came in through the chimney, which our inspector told us was not capped 2 1/2 years ago when we bought the house. For once, procrastination does not pay off. 

Since the poodles looooooove a good bird play session (they have caught a few in our sun porch) I put them both outside. Then I called Brad in a panic - he's in Dallas today. He thought the entire situation was hilarious and suggested I open the windows and then put bread on the windowsills. Yeah. That sounds great. Go in the room, put myself between the bird and the windows he's trying to get too and come bearing treats. Brilliant. Brad thinks my apprehension at doing this means I'm scared of birds. But I am just scared of MAD birds.

Anyways, I did go in holding a broom in case the bird tried any funny business and couldn't get a single window open. They are original windows and are all painted shut. Luckily I have a nice neighbor who came over and got one of the windows open after some work on the dried paint. At that point the bird was in the closet and I shut the door to trap him. With one window open I opened the closet door to let him back out and fortunately he flew out in about 10 minutes. Either that or he died in the closet. Whatever happened, he is not flying around my bedroom anymore. 

What a day. I feel so tired. It's definitely time to go back to work! 

In cuter news, this morning I heard Charlie babbling in his crib so I went down to the nursery to get him. He sleeps on his tummy so usually when he wakes up he's just looking around and making noises. This morning though he had rolled over on his back and was talking to his mobile! It was so cute. Still working on getting the giggle on film. Maybe my mom can - she gets here Sunday to spend a week and a half with Charlie! And maybe us too a little - ha!


amygunther said...

I just read the saga of the bird out loud to Kobi. It is such a funny story. Definitely one of those it will be funny afterwards kind of moments!

Stephanie said...

Oh, I really hope he did not poop on any of your clothes. :)