Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back at Work

I started back at work on Monday and so far I am so exhausted by the time Charlie goes to bed that blog updates have eluded me. Even this one is going to be at a 50% effort level since I have no new pictures or video of Charlie to decorate the entry with. There's a cute video on my mom's Flip of Charlie rolling over in his crib but I'm having technical difficulties getting it on my laptop. But just think - something to look forward to!!

Overall work has been fine so far. In my usual fashion I got all my stress and worry about coming back done well ahead of time, so by Monday morning I was practically skipping in from the parking lot all excited to see my friends. It was just like visiting! I caught up with people, showed them baby pictures and just generally hung out all day. By Tuesday I realized I actually work here and they are going to expect me to think and work and attend meetings and all that jazz. At least we have a starbucks on the first floor of my building or coherent thought would not be possible. The true test of my sanity will be when I'm taking care of Charlie on my own and working too - I have my mom here as a buffer this week.

She is visiting this week and half of next just hanging out with Charlie. They seem to be having a great time. She is probably wondering what I'm talking about when I say he rarely naps since he has been consistently napping for her. I'm starting to think maybe I am like human caffeine to babies - just too stimulating to allow them to nap. I've had to consciously restrain myself from being too loud and excited when I go in to get Charlie out of his crib because I've startled him a couple of times - I just MISS HIM when he's sleeping and can't wait for him to wake up.

It's been really fun having her here. We've cooked some yummy dinners and had wine and reality TV each night. It's made going back to work so much easier because there has been a fun element to the week as well. This weekend I think we're going to take Charlie up to one of the outdoor malls or something like that.

Tuesday was Brad's birthday but he's in Dallas this week so it was pretty low key. Since we have my mom taking care of Charlie I think I'm going to take him out Saturday for dinner and a movie. Or whatever else he wants to do sans-baby. It is a lame year for Spooner birthdays - we are even picking out our own gifts, which I hate. I love surprises and picking out gifts for each other. But Brad wants new clothes for work and I wanted clothes that actually fit, so we are just picking out some things and Happy Birthday to Us. My birthday is a pretty special day now though since last year it was the day I found out I was pregnant!

One last thing - I am now on Twitter. I'm not sure what that means yet, but my mom and sisters twitter so I was feeling really un-hip not doing it. So far it feels like a lot of Facebook statuses. In fact, I'm wondering if there's a way to link the two. You can also follow news, magazines, celebrities, blogs, etc. Now I don't have to actually go to Perez Hilton's site to find out what's going on. How convenient!! Anyways, if you tweet perhaps we can follow each other. I think it's like being facebook friends without quite the level of commitment.

Well I must run as it is time to pump. My forward-thinking employer who does not give anyone offices has been kind enough to set up a 'mother's room' where returning to work mommies can go to .... take care of things. It's quite nice. I brought a magazine to flip through while I'm in there, though yesterday this one woman did a conference call. Extra credit to her for multi-tasking.

Hope all you Dallas folks survived the storm!!

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