Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Months of Charlie

4 months old?? Really?

I can't be 4 months old. I'm just a little tiny baby. Ask my mom, she'll tell you.

Wow, you're serious aren't you? 4 months old, huh..Dude.


Well I guess I'll just hang out here and wait for football season to start. 

What do you mean it doesn't look good for the Hogs this year???

This month at Bad Poodles, since we are still trying to figure out how to work the new camera, are going for quantity instead of quality in the photos. The thought being that if I throw enough pictures at you, you will not notice they are all substandard in quality. Or perhaps you will just notice the cute little whale bubble he has on that matches his nursery! Woohoo!

So much as changed since Charlie turned 3 months old that it feels like a lifetime ago. He has definitely gone (at least in my mind) from newborn to infant. He is getting easier to take care of - the colic is infrequent now and he does soooo much better when we are out in public. It's not terrifying to take him places since he doesn't scream the whole time. That makes such a difference when you're out and about, no? We've even ventured out to dinner a few more times. We still usually have to trade off during dinner and one of us hold him while the other eats, but he's not throwing the royal fits of yester-month.

The most fun part about him getting older is how he talks all the time and interacts with us. He giggles and smiles and plays. I don't blame Angelina Jolie for calling Shiloh a blob when she was tiny - they really are blobs for a while until this phase hits. That being said, I do miss my blob and have started feeling sad as we progress through the stages of babyhood. Moving to size 2 diapers was a lot harder then I thought it should be. I have pulled the newborn clothes out of the drawers and felt so sad folding them up, never to be worn by him again. I can't bear to put away the tiny little shirt he wore in the hospital. That stays tucked away in a drawer and I pull it out and smell it every once in a while. It just smells like delicious yummy baby. 

We find out tomorrow at his 4 month appointment how much he weighs, but it should be around 14 pounds I think. He also has to get more shots, which I hate. At his 3 month he was crying and colicky and the doctor (not our normal doctor) came in to check him out and said 'Well why don't you calm him down before we start?' like maybe that thought just didn't occur to me. Or maybe it was just more fun and less effort to hear him scream. Ugh, wanted to smack him with a poopy diaper. I feel fairly certain we won't have that problem tomorrow. Again, what a difference a month makes. 

Charlie is sleeping through the night beautifully - usually 10 hours, give or take. He's not a huge napper. Sometimes on the weekend we can get a couple short naps out of him. Daycare wears him out and they can only get a few short naps out of him too. They write down every nap he takes and the other day his sheet said he slept from 11:57 to 12. Niiiice. That's my boy! No sleep necessary when there are exciting things going on!

Some of you may notice Charlie's hair has lightened up a lot and is more blond or light brown now. His eyes are still a beautiful blue, though not quite as vivid and bright as they were at birth. I guess we'll know here in a few months if they'll stick and he'll have blue eyes like his daddy. Speaking of the baby daddy, Charlie loves loves loves his daddy. If Brad is in the room, Charlie is watching him. If Brad is talking to him, Charlie is smiling. If Brad is moving his arms in a certain way, Charlie imitates him. It is so cute. Brad has also taught Charlie how to grab on to his hair and pull. I love that new activity. Guess whose hair is even easier to grab and pull then Daddy's??? Mommy's!!!

Charlie is also starting to notice the dogs. They have noticed him for some time - mostly that he tastes pretty good and it is fun to lick him. But now Charlie watches when they play and even gets a little irritated if they lick his feet for too long. Mostly he is fascinated by watching them them. I can relate - they are completely unpredictable these days. I'm pretty fascinated myself at some of what I see. I blame it on the post-baby doggie depression. We need a doggie shrink and some puppy prozac, stat!

Charlie still loves to be on his changing table, talking and playing. We have plenty of video logged to attest to that. He has a new fascination with his mobile and other things hanging over his head. It's a shame we don't have any ceiling fans in our house because he loves to watch those too. I think I read he can now see things 3 dimensional. He loves music and so we get him lots of little toys that play songs and those are his favorite. The teachers at daycare have written us about how much he loves the days when the music teacher comes. Of course, he can't really do anything but watch the other kids but I think he likes all the sounds. And the exersaucer with all it's musical variety (14 batteries worth) is still the favorite toy at home. 

He also likes the other little kids. I have noticed it quite a bit when I've gone to pick him up. His favorite spot in the room is in this swing by the back door that leads out to the play area. He loves to watch everyone come and go. Once when I went to pick him up, he was in that swing wearing this little outfit that has these little animals on it that you can pull on and this little girl pulled herself up on the swing and started to play with them. He was THRILLED she was paying attention to him! I don't blame him - she's a pretty cute little girl. Aw! Charlie has a crush!

We are starting to settle into what I like to think of as 'real life' with a baby. We take him places. We leave the house. I'm back at work. Part of this is good because it feels nice to be normal and see friends and do things we enjoy. Part of this is also sad because it was so exciting (though completely exhausting) when he was brand new and I loved my time at home with him where all I could focus solely on him. I will always feel nostalgic for those days, even though they were hard. 

If the past 4 months have taught me anything it's how quickly life changes and moves. I try to hold on to every moment but I can't stop time and once a phase of life is over, it's gone but for the memories. It's the most bittersweet aspect of life I think - the progression of one phase of life to the next. It goes particularly quick for a baby which is probably why I've been thinking about it. I now understand why my dad used to tell me when I was little that I wasn't allowed to grow up. I said the same thing to Charlie tonight before I put him to bed. =)

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