Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writing it all down

I scrolled through the blog tonight reading back through all the posts since Charlie was born. I'm so glad I wrote so much of it down because it is hard to remember now! I wish I'd written even more. Now Charlie is 11 weeks old and I have 3 weeks of maternity leave left. I've got to make sure to write down everything interesting and new that he is doing so I have some way to remember it. I think my memory gets worse with age and I can no longer blame lack of sleep. So please forgive this somewhat boring post - it's just my attempt to make sure it's all written down.

Charlie and I have been having so much fun lately now that he sleeps at night and I have energy during the day. I just love being home with him and getting to spend all this time with him. Our days are pretty mundane - leaving the house is huge and mainly consists of taking a walk around the neighborhood. But I feel like I could just watch him and talk to him for hours nonstop - which is good because most days he is up all day long and naps are rare. 

With Brad out of town Monday-Thursday we have settled into something of a routine. Charlie typically sleeps from about 10:30 until 8am or so. Yes, I completely realize how lucky I am. The kid may not nap, but he's got sleeping through the night down pat. When he gets up he eats and then I eat and then we change clothes, talk for a while and it's time to eat again. The rest of the day is a combination of eating, trying to convince Charlie to nap, dealing with gas issues which still seem to arise every day and just generally enjoying each other's company.  

Charlie's favorite spot is on his changing table where he is so happy, kicking his legs and making all his funny noises. It's where he likes to experiment with what his voice is capable of. He is finally enjoying his playmats that have different toys hanging down now that he is reaching for things. Those mats used to be a sure fire way to get him to cry after about 2 minutes. I also got him this plastic mirror toy I can stick to things and he seems to like looking at himself and talking. We speculate he's saying things like 'You are so good looking!' to himself. 

For the past several weeks we've also had the doula come a couple of afternoons a week so I can get out of the house. Those are always nice days. I typically go to the gym, come home and shower and then fit in a few more errands. Before I know it, it's the evening and we are having dinner, watching some TV and I get Charlie ready for bed. Sadly this was the doula's last week here since Charlie can start going to daycare next week and we can't afford to do both. I don't have near the comfort level with daycare, so it's going to take some work. 

We are going to try daycare out a few days this week for a few hours and see if I can work on my separation anxiety. Charlie is going to the Goddard School, which has an awesome reputation and enthusiastic references who love taking their kids there so I know I should relax. The caregivers in the infant room have both been there 9 years and one of them is a nurse. It's just so loud in there and Charlie seems so tiny compared to the other infants (who are closer to 12 months) and requires so much attention when he's gassy that I'm worried he won't get. I hope I become enthusiastic about this place - it is pretty pricey compared to other places in the area.  I'm going to be a very annoying mom for a while, that's for sure. 

Here's another video - this one of me playing with Charlie while having a glass of wine. I am such a multitasker! However, once Charlie realizes the camera is on him he stops talking. I'm getting a little out of control with the videos, but I loooooooove this Flip camera and it's even easier then taking pictures.

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