Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend: shopping, wine, more vampires

Brad and I had a pretty low key weekend but did manage to get out to eat with Charlie again and it was successful! We are 2 for 2 on eating out. We went up to Short Pump yesterday, had lunch at the Baker's Crust and walked around and looked at the shops. Charlie was doing great until his diaper leaked and so we headed home. I've got to start packing an extra outfit in the diaper bag. Rookie mom mistake. 

Can I just say Banana Republic is having quite a sale, so if you like that store, I would run and not walk before all the good clothes are gone. I am so tempted to get a few things, but I hate the thought of spending money on clothes I may not be wearing for very long. At the same time, I have very little to wear and have things - like work - coming up that I will need to be dressed for and nothing really fits. We also have the annual Spooner family vacation to Pinehurst over my birthday weekend - don't even ask me what I'm going to wear while I'm there. I'm hoping some more pounds will just magically melt away before that gets here and all my old clothes will fit. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. 

So other then our excursion to the mall Sunday my weekend consisted of watching the entire first season of True Blood, another vampire-human love story. If you're planning to watch the show or read the books you may want to skip this paragraph so I don't give anything away. The show was very addictive - I think I watched all 12 episodes within about a 30 hour time frame. It's very well done - much better then Twilight was. There are a disturbing number of similarities to the Twilight story line, though making me wonder which author ripped off the other. Both have a vampire-human-shape shifter love triangle. Both have an 'ethical' vampire who does not eat humans and is trying to blend into human society. One of the leads can read everyone's thoughts except the object of their affection, which makes that object even more appealing. And so on. One big difference is that characters keep dropping dead in True Blood which frankly was getting a little ridiculous towards the end. Pretty soon there's not going to be anyone left. Anyways, very enjoyable if you need to hold down the couch one weekend.  I think I may start on the books next. 

Ok, it's safe to read now.  Charlie is doing a short trial run at daycare today to see how he does. Brad is flying out 12 hours later then usual so he could be here for the first day. I don't think I would have actually left Charlie without him here. It was really hard - harder on me then him I think. I kissed him good bye but was so worried he was going to look around at some point and panic if he didn't see me. I'm going to pick him up in just a little while and find out how he did. I hope he's having fun and liking all the toys and watching the other kids and stuff. It does take quite a bit to preoccupy him so maybe this will be good for him. Ugh. I can't wait until 2.

Oh one more thing - if you love a good chardonnay I have found a particularly yummy one - Buena Vista Carneros. It has a screw cap so I didn't have high hopes for it, but it is so yummy! I want to buy a case! Love those Carneros chardonnays. Usually they are more expensive then Napa or Sonoma chardonnays - maybe the screw cap keeps it reasonably priced? Why speculate when you can be drinking wine? After running to Banana Republic run and get yourself a bottle!

Ok I think that's it for updates. Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

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