Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend - Charlie's first trip to the beach! We went to Nags Head with our friends/neighbors and had an awesome time drinking margaritas, eating seafood, playing games and trying to get Charlie to sleep. They had told me their house was on the sound and I thought neat, they can see the sound from their house. But they really meant it - the house is ON the sound. 180 degree view and incredible sunsets. Which I took no pictures of. And as a testament to the fact that you should not shoot videos after margaritas none of them turned out too well. In a couple I appear to forget I'm filming halfway through, which is kind of pathetic for a 50 second video.

Charlie is too young for sunscreen so we could only take him when the sun was setting but that is actually my favorite time on the beach. The water was really cold - 64 degrees - so we did not get Charlie wet or anything. All in all, he did not appear to be too impressed by the ocean:

The other kids on the trip were 2 and almost 2 years old and had a blast. When you are that age someone can just hand you a hose and a bucket and voila! instant entertainment! They would also spend quite a bit of time staring at Charlie when he was in his pack n' play. Time for some siblings! Our neighbor's little girl talked a bunch about Baby Charlie - she picked out a chair for him and instructed me to put him in it, laid down on his blanket with him and pointed out that they both were laying down the same way and would say how she likes Baby Charlie soooooooo much. It was too cute. 

Being around the two older kids really made me look forward to what's to come with Charlie. I mean, not the whole I'm 2 and I'm going to push the boundaries of your sanity Mom but the I'm 2 and a hose and bucket is terribly exciting. Also the I'm 2 and I go to bed at 8pm and sleep for 12 hours.

On Sunday Brad and I took Charlie and drove up to Corolla and back, stopping in Duck to shop and eat lunch and reminisce about a trip we took there right before our wedding. I also went there with my family when I was in the 9th grade but Duck has changed so much since then that I couldn't remember where we stayed. It's just so beautiful down there and the drive is really not that bad - about 3.5-4 hours from Richmond depending on the level of cooperation coming from the car seat. Cooperation level was low in both directions and I had to sit with Charlie and talk to him and play with him to keep him happy. He can be so high maintenance. WHERE does he get that from?

We got back Monday to a huge pool of water on our kitchen floor. We thought at first that the freezer door had just been left a bit open but after a while I had to break it to Brad that the freezer was not working.  A little while later I had to break it to him that the refrigerator side wasn't working either. He was in deep denial. It took some time. To add to the pleasure, all the breast milk I'd so diligently pumped and frozen for when I go back to work had melted and can not be re-frozen. Ugh. The fridge was going to be $600 to fix so we are just going to buy a new one. Hopefully it will be here by early next week because eating out of the giant red cooler feels eerily similar to camping and homegirl here does not camp.

I never know what to write at the end of blog posts. It always feels so abrupt. Sooooo The End.

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