Friday, April 3, 2009

One Month Doctor's Visit

After a very long night last night, we got up this morning for Charlie's one month pediatrician appointment. He was fussy all night and all morning and we were completely expecting a meltdown once we got there. Boy did we ever! So much for that angelic baby all the nurses like to come check out when we visit the doctor!

Charlie now weighs 9 lbs and is 22 inches long! The doctor showed us where this plotted in those charts that show percentile (where the height and weight chart out compared to other babies of the same age... i guess all over the U.S., but who knows) and he is in the 25-50 for weight and 50-75 for length. Our pediatrician doesn't give any more specific percentiles because they think they are pretty meaningless and don't want the parents getting worked up over them. I can respect that. I get worked up over normal baby gas after all. 

Charlie also got his second Hepatitis B shot (first one was in the hospital) and was in full-on meltdown mode by that point, so it was just fuel for the fire. The nurses were very sweet and took care of him while we talked to the pediatrician and loved the little frog feet on his sleeper, so that distracted him a little bit, having his feet played with.

We talked to the doctor about all the painful gas Charlie's been experiencing and he gave us the same answer the other poor doctor I talked to at midnight last Saturday gave - this is normal for 4 to 6 weeks and will get better after that. Oh do I hate that answer. I wish there was something to fix it! 

He kept saying it will get better, the first 6 weeks is the hardest and that we will forget this period. We said really??? And he laughed and said he couldn't tell us how many parents of second children are in there complaining about the same thing saying they didn't remember this happening with the first baby. Ahhh mother nature at work to ensure people keep having babies. Selective amnesia = procreation.

Well the nights around here haven't improved too much yet, but we have 1 week to go until he's 6 weeks old and it's supposed to improve. When Charlie has gas he hates sleeping on his back so he wakes up every hour or so and it takes a while to get him to go back down again. Finally we've found that if we lay him on his tummy on one of our tummies, he will sleep, so we rotate doing that overnight. Makes for bleary-eyed mom and dad in the morning. 

Oh and for those of you expecting or with young babies - I've now been told by two nurse practitioners that there's a new study that shows turning on a small fan on the floor of the nursery overnight cuts the risk of SIDS by 90%. So make sure you've got your fan!

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