Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Today was Charlie's first Easter and he decided to start celebrating early by sleeping through the night last night! I kid you not. SEVEN straight hours. Of course, I'm sure he was exhausted from the night before when we were up ALL NIGHT. Just when I think I'm at the end of my rope, Charlie throws me a bone. 

It was absolutely beautiful in Richmond today, sunny and cool. Art, Sue, Clare and Lulu (Sue's mom) drove over from Williamsburg and brought a very yummy lunch. We had grilled lamb, salad, deviled eggs and this yummy lemon cake for dessert. They let me keep a bunch of the leftovers, which means I don't have to cook while Brad is out of town! My in-laws are so thoughtful like that. =)

Charlie wore a new Baby's First Easter sleeper, which was a gift from our friend Marsha. It was so cute on him! After lunch we took some pictures, where you can observe said cute outfit. We attempted a family picture of me, Brad and Charlie, but none of them really turned out. Translated, that means I don't like any of them of myself since I haven't dropped the baby weight yet. Pictures of Kara are not yet fit for public consumption. Carly Simon really wrote You're So Vain for me. 

It all went so fast and I was sad when it was over, knowing the house would be pretty empty soon. Afterwards, some Spooners drove back to Williamsburg, one left for the airport to fly to San Fransisco and some stayed here in Richmond. Brad will be gone until Friday morning, but it is Clare's spring break, so we may be seeing her again this week! 

Here is Charlie gazing adoringly at his Aunt Clare:

Three generations of Spooners: (Clare and I tried to get Brad and Art to act like they liked each other, but no luck)

Outdoor pic of Clare and Charlie (please note beautiful weather):

Sue giving Charlie some lovin':
I couldn't help but think of what Easter next year will be like when he's older and walking and all that. It will be so fun! Today was really just a cute outfit, a few naps and numerous attempts to fill Charlie's hollow leg. I mean, this kid can seriously eat. So he already has Spooner holiday modus operandi down pat. 

Well, that's all from here! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

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Tracy said...

Owen had the same Easter outfit! So cute. Charlie is adorable. Love the pics.