Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Day

It is a happy day because one of my best friends, Holly, gave birth her baby girl this morning at 4:36 AM. The new baby's name is Lily Reese and she is very tiny and cute! It sounds like it was a really long night for Holly and her husband, so hopefully they are getting some rest and taking advantage of having an army of nurses there to help them. 

It is absolutely beautiful in Richmond today. 70 degrees, breezy and sunny. I took Charlie out for a walk earlier and it was quiet and a little windy, the birds were chirping and all the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming. The second half of April is probably the prettiest time of year here. I opened up the blinds in Charlie's room and rocked him to sleep for his nap and was thinking it just doesn't get any better then this. I rarely say that when cocktails aren't involved. 

I've been trying to capture Charlie's smile on camera but so far he isn't cooperating. He's all smiles and coos and cuteness until he spies the camera. Brad and I have been contemplating some sneak attack scenarios. When Brad is gone, I have to try and get him to smile while holding the camera and clicking, hoping I get his face in the frame without looking. So his head is cut off below, in the closest thing to a smile I've gotten so far:

Charlie slept for a lovely 9 hours last night and was so cheerful when he woke up! I took some pics of him on the changing table. He recently confided in me that he would like to pursue acting and local theater, so we worked on his faces. Here they are - 


Well I better run. We have to rehearse his lines for his upcoming audition. Hope everyone out there is having a happy day as well!


Colleen Krezel said...

oh my Kara!!! These faces are sooo adorable! You are a pro at this...really. you should start some sort of blog and get paid for it. This is something that you should print out and put in the best baby book ever :) i love it!

Megan said...

Great faces! He has so many expressions!! I would pay for those baby expressions in a book! That's not a bad idea!
Love you and miss you!!

Soña said...

I love these photos! Charlie has so many great expressions! And congrats on the great night o' sleep.

aichiba said...

Too cute!