Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blog Slacker

I have been so bad about updating this lately. Brad flew out Sunday to start his new job Monday and it's been nuts around here being in charge of a 5 week old on my own. I have had a lot of help, though. Sue has been here 2 days this week and Charlie loves her. She also let me get out of the house some, which was awesome. The doula has also been here a couple of nights and is coming tomorrow night. Brad gets back early Friday  morning after a red eye from San Fransisco.

So let me just say that I did not anticipate using the doula to bring such frustration to my life. It's not really their fault, really, it's just that Charlie behaves so beautifully and sleeps for so long for them. And then he's alone with me and it's one of the most painful nights of my life. Three hours of sleep, maybe. What am I doing wrong? Someone, please tell the naive first time mom what she's doing wrong!! I am short on sleep!!! TELL ME!!

Yeah, so that's where we're at. More this weekend for Charlie's first Easter. 

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