Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 week update

Just chillin'....

I don't know if I'm just tired or what, but I can't really think of much to blog about lately. Well, I think of different things at different times and can't sit down and write and then forget them. I have also been slacking on the picture taking, which I really need to improve because this baby is changing every day! Lately I've just been pointing my camera at things and hoping a decent picture will turn out. Sometimes they do!

We are much improved on the sleep front around here. Charlie is now sleeping for a 6 to 7 hour period at night, usually from around 10:30 or so to 5:30 or 6. Last night we were pushing 8 hours, which is amazing to me, considering where we were a few weeks ago. He still fights napping during the day, but we can generally get one long mega-nap out of him - usually 3 to 4 hours, starting around noon. That's great, but the rest of the time can get a little exhausting when I'm here alone. This child requires entertainment! Or you will pay! The kind of entertainment where you must hold him. No mobiles, swings, play yards or time in the car allowed.

Our other major activity around here is eating. A LOT. We've had to supplement with formula here and there because the breast milk just isn't cutting it. It is not unusual for Charlie to eat 8 or 9 ounces at a time - generally 5 or 6 from me and another 2 to 4 of formula. We think he has a hollow leg. I'm going to ask the doctor if we can do a little rice cereal or something. I would rather mix that with my milk then do the formula. Overall, getting Charlie full is a huge endeavor. I wish I could give him some of mine I have to lose....

I'm about to call in a shrink for the poodles, who mope around depressed - especially Ringo. He spends a lot of time during the week watching the driveway, hoping Brad will pull in. It makes me sad. Zoe just drops her ball around me all the time, hoping I'll throw it in the backyard. What I love is when I'm dealing with Charlie screaming about something or a huge messy diaper and in comes Zoe with her ball, optimistically dropping it on my foot, like thinking NOW is when Mom is going to throw my ball!

I had my 6 week post partum visit with my OB last week. It went pretty well, everything looks good. I mean, really, the main piece of information was how much weight I'd lost so far. Half. That's it. I had hopes for more, but I still have half of what I gained to lose. Such a bummer! I hit the mall and bought some 'transitional' clothes. While they are a huge step up from the same 3 pairs of yoga pants I've been sporting since January, they are not really anything I would buy normally. But they'll do for now. I appreciate their roomy fits and stretchy waistbands!

The doula is coming twice this week, in the afternoon for 4 hours, to watch Charlie so I can get out of the house. With my luck, he'll nap the entire time she is here and be awake and requiring entertainment from me the rest of the day. It will be nice to leave, though. I am definitely going to the gym both days. It's been a while, so I think I will be nice and sore by the end of this week.

Brad is in Dallas this week for work. Hopefully he'll get to see some of the fam, but he never knows how much they'll be working, or how late. It's awesome though because he is just gone 3 nights, which feels like nothing now that Charlie is a bit older and we had to do without him 5 nights the past couple of weeks. 

I will try to think of some more interesting stuff to post this week and take advantage of Charlie's naps. I'm so behind on current events - it's like nothing really happens right now outside of this house. I had to have Brad explain the whole pirate thing going on to me. Not that I would write about that on the blog, but you know what I mean.  Kara: out of touch. And behind on everything. In fact, if you're reading this, I'm quite certain I owe you a return phone call, email, facebook message or thank you note. Oh well, such is parenthood, right? I'll feel behind on things until he leaves for college. Which Brad reminds me is just around the corner. =)

Wow, I guess I did have a lot to write! A couple of pics from the weekend:

At Brad's soccer game - sleepy Charlie. How cute is that outfit? His grandma Sue found it at a baby consignment store. It's by Baby Einstein. I did not realize they make clothes. 

Me holding Charlie at Brad's soccer game in my fabulously loose fitting and stretchy clothing:


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, is it just me or is he starting to really look like Brad?!?!

Megan said...

You look great KK! I guess I thought the game was indoor soccer, ha. Is Charlie gonna be a soccer playa? Love you guys!!!

Meredith said...

He looks so much bigger already! I don't believe it.
Post these pics on facebook when you get a chance- my new favorite thing is to put them up on my profile.:)

Tracy said...

Kara, I love your blog. It's like a magical window into my future. I'm so happy to hear that Charlie is sleeping at night! What a relief. And I just decided I'm going to have to shop for some temporary clothes too. Any suggestions?