Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanted: For Excessive Cuteness

My mom is in town this week and has this neat little Flip video recorder that she used to film this little video today of Charlie in his crib watching his mobile. In the background you can hear the two of us being totally weird. Charlie's been cooing a little bit, so we are trying to get him to coo for the video camera. You can also hear the classical music from his mobile playing.

This sounds completely cliche, but I can't believe how much Charlie has changed in the past 2 weeks since we were in the hospital! My mom had her Flip then too and recorded some little videos of Charlie. For comparison's sake, this is one of them, when my dad was holding him in the hospital. His face looks so puffy from all the fluid and he seems generally out of it - as was his mother. 

We went to the pediatrician's office today and met the doctor Brad picked out for Charlie for the first time and we both really liked him a lot. The whole group of doctors has been awesome - a couple of them came through the hospital to see Charlie and we've met with 2 of the 3 nurse practitioner/lactation consultants who have been incredibly helpful. 

Charlie's weight is back up above his birth weight - 8lbs 1 oz. He gained 7 ounces in the past week and the doctor was very pleased - he likes to see around 3.5 ounces a week. We are overachievers. He said whatever feeding routine we have established is working so stick to it. I can't tell you how gratifying that felt since breastfeeding has had plenty of challenges. It's awesome to hear it's working and he's healthy and I'm doing it right. Everything else looked great and we go back in 2 weeks for his 1 month appointment. 

I also got out of the house today - mom and I went to Babys R Us, DSW and the Starbucks drive through! Diapers/bottles/sleep sack, new black flats and a sugar free vanilla soy latte! Tomorrow night my mom is going to watch the baby while Brad and I go out to dinner. It's going to be awesome - we are going to this yummy Italian place down the road called Azzuro. It is dimly lit and romantic - I hope I can find something to wear that fits! I'm in this weird place where I still have too much preggo belly to wear normal clothes but not enough for the maternity clothes to make sense. Belly is slowly but surely coming off - I can't complain at just 2 and a half weeks after abdominal surgery. It's going to take a while - c'est la vie. 

My mom and I are having a lot of fun playing with Charlie. He's sleeping in the bassinet in the guest room with her at night to give Brad and I some much needed rest. Mom is so good at soothing him down when he's upset and is getting him used to not being held all the time. That should promptly change on Wednesday when my sisters Meredith and Megan get in town and Charlie will probably be held by one of them at all times! It's a really fun week and so nice after some pretty intense baby blues the past two weeks. I'll post more pics and video from the week as it goes on!


Meredith said...

Ha, you KNOW I will not put him down unless absolutely necessary!

Megan said...

In love

Anonymous said...

He's just especially gifted and handsome. What a precious baby.

Colleen said...

ahhh, how are the baby blues?? i remember them well. i hope you're doing ok - please call me if you need me ok?!?