Sunday, March 15, 2009

My New Hobby

Since we came home from the hospital almost 2 weeks ago, I have been watching a lot of TV. Like, A LOT. It's what I do when I nurse, when I'm trying to wind down to fall asleep, when the baby will allow me no other option but to hold him without ripping out some bloody murder screams.... We usually don't watch much TV, but now it's always on. 

We don't have DVR so I am at the mercy of scheduled programming. I can see where that's become passe. Anyways, I've picked up quite a few shows to follow:
  • Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo) - I watched the first season and this cast is my favorite. They are even more obnoxious then last time with even larger egos. I love that one of them (The Countess!) is writing an etiquette book because they are all pretty classless. The Countess also enjoys speaking about herself in third person.
  • Say Yes to the Dress (TLC) - shot inside Kleinfeld's bridal in New York. These relatively normal looking 24 year olds come in and drop $27K on a relatively normal looking wedding gown. That's more then I spent on my car. Highly entertaining!
  • Property Virgins (HGTV) - helping first time home buyers find their perfect home - but they only get to look at 3 houses. If the realtor decides she has found their perfect home and they waffle on buying it, she gets irritated. I love the episodes shot in Dallas and Washington, DC since I used to live there.
  • Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (BBC) - Looooooove Gordon! Love his hissy fits, his yelling, the darling way he ends all of his sentences in 'Yes?'. This show also makes me very hesitant to eat out. Dr. D is a Gordon Ramsey fan too, so we had quite a few shouts of 'Shut it Down!!!' in labor and delivery. Good times!
  • Mistresses (BBC) - British drama about four gorgeous late 30's friends who all just happen to have affairs at the same time. Cheating on husbands, stealing other people's husbands, etc. and then getting extremely hypocritical when they find out what their friends are up to. It's an OK show but is on Demand.
  • House Hunters International (HGTV) - Always interesting for daydreaming purposes to see what real estate goes for in other countries. The incredibly high prices in Italy were pretty depressing though. So much for moving there.
  • Reruns I have already seen of Friends, Will & Grace, Barefoot Contessa, Project Runway and Desperate Housewives (before it jumped the shark). 
With the TV comes the commercials and there are some I loathe to the bone:
  • The Gerber commercial with all the pregnant ladies 'taking vows' to their new babies. The sweaty woman at the end who supposedly just gave birth irritates me to no end. Gag.
  • The monotone animated Comcast commercials. 
  • The Crystal Light commercials where the ladies are in colorful dresses that turn to liquid. I can't get the highly annoying song with incredibly stupid lyrics out of my head.
  • Any of the Febreeze commercials. I hate that whistle they play after someone sprays the product. 
Well I think that's all the time I have to love and hate my TV. Time to go feed the baby again! My mom is here this week and loves the same shows I do. It'll be awesome to have some company while I watch bad television! She doesn't have Bravo at home yet so we have to get her all caught up. Turning my brain to mush is now a full time occupation!

More pics of Charlie later today....


Meredith said...

My DVR is $5/month (split with my roomy) and I would pay many times that for it. It is a priceless gem!

meghant said...

Just wait until the first time he gets sick...and wants to nothing but sleep on you all day long. You'd be amazed at what TV shows you can discover then!

Meredith said...

If you still have netflix, rent "Planet Earth." HOURS of entertainment!