Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Sleepy

These are some pictures I took right before we gave Charlie a bath the other day. I took about 30 and these two turned out the best. We went on to a screaming fit during the bath and then getting really sleepy from all the screaming and fit-throwing. 

Basically my schedule the past few days is eat, sleep, nurse. I think that's pretty much going to be it for the next week. I've been really bad about returning emails and phone calls because the days just whip by. It has gotten beautiful and warm here the past couple of days and Charlie has been going on walks with his daddy in his hip new stroller. I've got some cabin fever but absolutely love all this time with Charlie. I have fallen thoroughly in love. 

We don't really have any kind of schedule yet and night time is kind of rough while the days are really good. Charlie's witching hour has been 10pm to 2am. He has been screaming his head off and inconsolable during that time period. Brad has been staying up with him until 2 when he finally nods off and I go to bed around 11:30 or 12 after I feed him. Once they come upstairs, I usually need to feed Charlie again around 2:30 and then at 6:30. If we could just get the 10pm to 2am time period figured out I would have no complaints about this schedule. 

I can not bear to hear Charlie scream. After 10 minutes I am in tears. Brad has something of a magic touch with him and can rock him, swaddle him (thanks to some instruction from Kristen and Jason!) or get him to fall asleep on his chest. I still don't get why he's so upset - he sounds like he's hurt. I hope the whole 'you can't spoil a newborn' thing is right because at this point, I'd give him my Visa and take him to Stony Point if he would stop screaming.  I just can't handle it when this yummy little face is upset. 

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Anonymous said...

He is so precious. I love the frequent updates. You and Brad have the most beautiful newborn I've ever seen. He's perfection. Great pics. Enjoy!