Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hope's Visit

Charlie's Grandma Hope (Brad's mom) came to visit this week and meet her new grandson. They hit it off famously! It was so wonderful having her here - she was so helpful around the house, cooked us some delicious food (if you have not had her cinnamon rolls, you have not lived) and comforted Charlie through what ended up being a very colicky week. My poor little gas bubble just can't get comfortable, especially at night. Hope would just walk with him and talk to him about stuff and he would calm down and stare up at her with his big eyes. I love this picture:
Hope also came bearing gifts and brought Charlie the appropriate Arkansas Razorback gear a new Hartz family baby needs! I think the onesie should fit him before too long and there's a jumper and baseball cap that I think will fit perfectly by the time football season rolls around. There was also a tiny stuffed razorback that Charlie found quite appealing to nap with! I want to get a picture of Charlie in his onesie and Brad in his McFadden jersey, but that picture's been a bit harder to coordinate then I thought. Catching the two of them in the right outfit is a challenge, but I will make it happen!

On Sunday, just before Hope had to fly back to Arkansas, Charlie's Uncle Bill and Aunt Christina drove down from Ashburn to meet him. Charlie slept while they each held him and towards the end got really fussy so I took him from Bill and went upstairs. Five minutes later Charlie had one of the largest, messiest diapers I have ever seen him produce. Saved in the nick of time Bill!!
This coming week we are taking it easy before Brad starts his new job on April 6. We just want to relax and enjoy some time just the three of us. It would be nice if we could get some more consistency in what the overnights look like around here, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Some nights are wonderful, such as last night, where we had a couple of 4 hour blocks of sleep. Other nights are pure hell, such as the night before last where Charlie never slept for more then an hour. There's just so much air in his little tummy, he can be incredibly uncomfortable at night. Finally last night he slept in his car seat and being more upright helped him it seems. We're doing the same thing tonight. 

Charlie has his one month check up this week too and we'll get to see how he's doing in the weight gain department. Since I am nursing him and responsible for said weight gain, this is a particular area of interest to me. If the gas isn't better, we are going to talk about that too. 

Sometimes he still seems so tiny and other times I can tell he's getting bigger and I feel a little sad! I also felt something I never expected this week - I had to go by Dr. D's office to get a form signed and walking in, I felt actual nostalgia for my pregnancy. I don't want to say I miss it or I wish I was still pregnant, but I felt nostalgic for all the anticipation and excitement and specialness of it all. And I miss the one thing I knew I was going to miss - feeling him move around in my tummy. I predicted that around month 7.

Well my little gas bubble is getting upset, so I better run and help Brad cheer him up. One last pic:

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Megan said...

That picture really makes me miss Charlie Bear. You guys are doing a great job as mom and dad, I am impressed more every day. Can't wait to see you guys again. Love you a lot