Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gas is the Word

We have excess air here in the Spooner household. Most of it appears to be hanging out in my baby's tummy and the only rational way to handle it is to let out a blood-curdling scream. And Charlie's been crying a lot too! 

We had an absolutely horrific evening yesterday where gas pains made poor Charlie cry, grunt and scream from about 6pm to midnight. We tried everything - moving his legs, burping him, swings, vibrating chair - finally Brad stuck him in the car around 11:30 and drove around for a half hour trying to get him to stop. We also got that annoying 'first-time parent midnight call to the pediatrician over something that's not really that big a deal' over with. The doctor was very nice and from the sound of his voice, he really meant it when he said he hated to tell us to just suck it up and deal with it, but that was his advice. 

Apparently, this is very common behavior around weeks 5 and 6 for a newborn. Their little digestive systems are trying to catch up and there's a lot of gas and they are uncomfortable. The good news is that it will not last forever - a week and a half or two weeks at most. The bad news is that this will probably last for a week and a half or two weeks.

Today we are taking a different approach. People keep telling me to follow my maternal instinct on things, so that is what I am doing. In no way is this anyone with a degree from a reputable post-graduate program's advice - I just decided this is what we're doing. Basically, I'm not feeding him as much and we're giving him gripe water every 4 hours. His poor system is just overloaded so that's my rationale behind smaller meals. He wants to eat more frequently, but if feeding him more often means he won't scream, I'll take the trade off. 

I've also switched bottles from Avent (recommended by the lactation consultant to avoid nipple confusion) to Dr. Brown's, which is supposed to reduce gas and colic. We usually give him a bottle or 2 during the night so Brad can help me get some more sleep. It's also a lot quicker then me feeding him the old fashioned way. The Avent bottles are just so big and wide, there doesn't seem to be any way to not get a bunch of air down his tummy when he eats out of them. So bye-bye Avent. 

So far today it seems to be working. It is 10pm and we are scream-free. We are also a little short on waking hours, so who knows, he may be up and ready to party all night. But that is what 2am re-runs of Sex and the City on TBS are for, right?

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The Balog Family said...

Kara - I will swear by Dr Brown's!! They are awesome! That is what we used and EmmaKate never had any issues afterwards!! Good luck and keep your chin's up. Ya'll are doing great and he is a cutie!!