Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First 48 Hours at Home

I promise I don't intend to document every 48 hours at home, but thought the first might be interesting. So far, here's the breakdown:

Impressive (above average) poopy diapers: 4
Hours of sleep Monday night: 5 between 12 and 7 (not bad!)
Hours of sleep Tuesday night: 2 (brutal)
Times I have fallen asleep sitting up: 3
Meltdowns by Charlie: 6
Meltdowns by Mommy: 3
Beers consumed to encourage milk to come in: 3
Confused poodles: 2

Luckily for all of us (except for my mom and dad's employers), Winter Storm Event 2009 meant my parents' return flight on Monday got cancelled so I had my mom around to help out from the time we got home from the hospital until Tuesday afternoon. My mom has been so incredibly helpful since she got in town last Thursday. I'm really not sure how we would have made it without her. The Meltdowns by Mommy category would have easily quadrupled if she hadn't come to visit.  She spent most of the day and night making sure we had food, doing laundry, cleaning things up and soothing her new grandson when he got upset. She was the most effective burper out of all of us, though Brad is getting pretty good too.

I have been focusing mostly on getting pipsqueak fed. Yes, this paragraph is going to be about breastfeeding, so please skip ahead to avoid the topic. The hospital I went to is very pro-breastfeeding and we started trying to feed right after he was born. That was a massive failure - there was just too much going on in the room for him to latch on. An hour later, the nursery nurse brought him in to my post partum room and we gave it another try. With her help he was on in a few minutes and I fed him every few hours for the rest of my stay. I thought wow! I'm a natural! I can't believe this worked out so well! Oh how ignorant of me. By the last day that same nurse that taught me how to feed him was telling me Charlie had lost a ton of weight and she was getting alarmed. From then on I started over analyzing everything - how long he feeds, how hungry he acts afterwards, has my milk come in or not, how there are not enough dirty diapers, etc. etc. We came home Monday and nothing was going well and he was screaming and I couldn't give him enough to calm him and I was in pain and it was just.. hellish. Mommy Meltdown. We broke down and gave him some formula overnight and started fresh the next morning. Today we went to see the nurse/lactation consultant at the pediatrician's office, who I have now learned is known as the 'breastfeeding nazi.' Nazi or not, she did reassure me everything is fine and all I had to do was sit through a few snide remarks about the formula I gave him. So we are chugging along now, feeding every 2 hours. I've been told "everything" will be healed by Friday. Oh, how I hope so because really - ouch.

The poodles are doing ok but definitely have hurt feelings over the new pecking order. I was so exhausted when I got home Monday that I did not have much patience with them, especially Zoe. They've gotten better since then and I'm trying not to lose my cool so much. Zoe has a very mother-like quality about her. She checks on Charlie pretty frequently, especially when he's in the pack n' play and begins to cry. She sticks her little head over the top to look at him. Of course she also destroyed a dirty diaper on the floor in the nursery - ripped to stinky shreds. So I guess 'trying' is the operative word in me 'trying not to lose my cool so much'. 

Ok working on some additional photos and video of His Royal Cuteness, but having some exhaustion-related user error. Hopefully better luck tomorrow. 


meghant said...

Kara - you're doing great. The reason I can tell - you're overanalyzing and worrying about everything. Don't worry about the breastfeeding....I did it with both my boys...and it DOES GET BETTER! I will warn you that for about a 2 week period there is a horrible pain right be he latches on...but I PROMISE....it will stop!! Just relax and do everything you can to appreciate this time you have with him. I was a firm believer that this sleep deprivation was SO much better than that caused by uncomfortable huge prego belly.

aichiba said...

Kara - we should have been sisters. I was the same overanalyzing breastfeeder(what position should I try, was the latch big enough, which boob should go 1st and for how long, etc ... ). Try to relax, don't think about the pain, instead think of all the calories you are burning ... ha! Hang in there. Charlie is so cute :)

Soña said...

I have nothing to add about the breastfeeding since I don't know yet but it sounds like you're doing great Kara. I am, however, so glad you posted this because I need to remind myself that what's coming isn't going to be smooth sailing. Hang in there Mama. Maybe one more beer? ;)

Meredith said...

He is SO precious. I cant wait to come by and see him ! Hope you guys are doing well. We miss you !
Mere & Vance