Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charlie Arrives! Along with a freak March snow storm!

We are finally home and I am sane enough to sit down and write a blog post about how and when Charlie arrived and all that good stuff. He's actually napping right now while I type this and it is taking all my self control not to pick him up out of his pack n' play and have him nap in my arms instead. I think I have a 10 minute threshold where my heart starts to ache if I'm not in his general vicinity. But I digress. 

Last I left you we had an induction planned for Thursday night/Friday. Brad and I spent Wednesday and Thursday getting ready and my mom had a flight that got in late Thursday night. When I finally finished running around and got to the hospital and sat down for 30 minutes, I realized how uncomfortable I was. Turns out I was having contractions every 3 to 4 minutes.  I still was just a fingertip dilated, but my doctor didn't want to do the gel because it could throw me into too fast a labor and that would be hard on the baby. So we skipped the gel and I spent the night. 

Around 4:30 am they started the pitocin so I would be dilated 
enough for my doctor to break my water in the morning. The pitocin contractions started off not so bad but were getting worse. Around 8 am Dr. D arrived and I had only dilated to 1cm. Ugh. It was enough for her to break my water, though. Between the broken water and the pitocin the contractions picked up and she thought by noon time when she visited again there should be some progress. 

Unfortunately, at both her noon and 4pm visit I still wasn't dilated even to 2 cm. During that time from 8 am to 4 pm they kept slowly increasing how much pitocin I was getting and the contractions got really painful. I had some pain medicine and finally the epidural right before they really cranked up the pitocin. The doctor used some kind of sensor to make sure the contractions were intense as well as frequent and they were. So by 4 pm we were all at a loss as to why I wasn't making any progress  - absolutely none since her noon visit. 

Dr. D told us we could keep going for another few hours and see how it went, but she was starting to suspect there was something about the baby and his position or my pelvis that was stopping any progression. We could  go for a c-section we could do it then or wait and decide later. At that point I'd been hooked up and contracting for 24 hours and I was worn out. I couldn't picture pushing a baby out or what I would feel like by late that night. So Brad and I decided on the c-section. 

After that things moved really quickly. They cranked up the epidural and Brad put on some crazy sterile hospital outfit that he was pretty pumped about! They wheeled me down the hall into the room and by then I was shaking like crazy from the meds. It was more annoying  then anything else. I was expecting them to strap down my arms, but they didn't. Brad looked really nervous under his surgical mask - I think he was a lot more worried then I was. I did have the benefit of being somewhat doped up though. They had on pop music in the room and one nurse said to another 'Aren't these fun when they're not an emergency?' and Brad and I had to laugh at that one. 

After they hung the curtain and Brad sat down by my head they got started and about 8 minutes later we had a baby!  Dr. D said she usually doesn't spank the little babies, but she was considering it with this one after all the trouble he'd been giving his momma! Once she could see him she told us he had turned sideways since my last ultrasound and his head was wedged in my pelvis. He would not have been able to come out on his own so I'm glad we didn't wait any longer on the c-section. 

He came out kicking and his cries were so sweet, I got choked up. Brad was able to video tape a lot of it (nothing icky) and go over to the warming table while they cleaned him up. I couldn't see much until the sweet anaesthesiologist went and got a mirror so I could see over there. The anaesthesiologist was awesome - he was behind the curtain with me the whole time telling me what was going on and that everything looked great and it wouldn't be too much longer, etc. etc. He had also done my epidural - such a nice man. After I had the mirror I could see that Charlie has huge hands and feet! His legs and arms were moving all over the place and his sking was a nice pink. He looked so healthy.

So then Brad held the baby and then they brought him over and I got to hold him. All I could do was stare at him - he was tiny and perfect and sweet. I couldn't believe he was actually mine. It was all too much to take in so I just stared at him and he stared at me. A few days later and that is still what we do a lot - just look at each other. I could do that forever and never get tired of it. In fact, I'm going to go do that when I'm done writing this. 

Anyways, back to the story. When they were finished stitching me up they moved me from the table to the bed from my room. Dr. D was lifting the sheet near my shoulder and they kind of rolled me one way and then the other and I told her I was about to throw up all over her. I think I was pretty blunt about it! Luckily I didn't but I vaguely remember apologizing to her later about the close call. I say nutty things on drugs.  They gave me something to settle my tummy, which helped a bunch. Then we went back to our L&D room. For some reason the baby needed to ride with me, but I was still shaking so bad I felt nervous holding him. so they put him down between my legs. 

When we got back in the room my mom got to hold him and we had 1 hour with him which we spent taking photos, letting people on the phone hear him cry and taking our first stab at breastfeeding. Brad and my mom spent the rest of the time there calling people and sending the good news out through text and email. L&D had gotten wifi 2 weeks ago - it's like they knew we were coming! I had my phone and remember just looking at it and thinking of all the people I wanted to text about the birth and how I just don't have enough energy to even remember how to work my phone. It was pointless technology in my doped up hand. 

After about an hour they came and took the baby up to the nursery and started getting me ready to move upstairs to post partum. Once I had some feeling back in my legs I could go. All I could think about was getting something to eat. So hungry! We swung by the nursery and saw the nurses checking him out - he was quite vocal about his unhappiness with being examined! Then we went to my room and I got settled. Everything is kind of fuzzy about that part. They gave me duramorph or something like that for the incision pain in the first 24 hours and it made me so groggy. I do remember there were crackers. Ohhhhh there were crackers. Sweet, sweet crackers. Relief.

The other thing I remember is the nursery nurse bringing Charlie in and putting him in my arms and I wanted to try to feed him again (after a failed attempt in L&D). With her help I had him latched on in about a minute and he fed on both sides. I was shocked. They brought him to my room that night every few hours and we gave it a go. We're still working on it, but I'll save all that stuff for another post.

I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights after that and wish I could have stayed longer - they took such good care of us there. I got lots of good advice and just rested and relaxed and enjoyed Charlie. My last night there Richmond got hit with about 6 inches of snow, which is such a freak occurance - we haven't had snow all winter! Everything here was shut down Monday and most stuff is shut down again today. Our neighborhood is coated in white and so beautiful. If I've ever told you my baby dream I had when I was first married, it was snowing outside while I held the baby and waited for Brad. That baby was a girl, but that's the only real difference between the dream and how it actually turned out. Crazy. 

While I wrote this, Brad came down and took Charlie up from the pack n' play and they are napping next to me on the couch. It is so sweet - Charlie is tucked into Brad's chest and they both look so content. Brad said this is Daddy - Charlie time. I think for me it's about to be Kara-Shower time. More later... =)


Lindsay said...

He's beautiful, and I love the picture of you. How can your hair look so pretty? I hope your recovery is very easy, and hang in there with the bf.

Soña said...

Oh Kara what a wonderful story. I'm so happy for you and Brad and Baby Charlie. That photo is ridiculously wonderful, and yes, I still wonder about your amazing hair. Its just not possible that it always looks that good. Congrats Mama!

Kristen said...

The pic on Brad's facebook of them napping is so cute! You both look like naturals! Congratulations!

The Celery said...

You are so very beautiful, and now you're a beautiful Momma! Love it, and I am very happy for you. Enjoy your time...you've got me teary eyed.

Congratulations Spooners!

Meredith said...

He is so precious! I just showed my entire office the pics and they agree!

Linda said...

Ain't nothing like it is there? Hope all is still going well for you. Can't wait to see you guys. Congratulations.