Tuesday, February 3, 2009

State of the Uterus - Week 37

This was me coming out of my ultrasound today:

After days of feeling so cruddy it was like floating on a cloud after getting to see Charlie on the screen just moving around and being so cute! I know I'm biased, but how cute is this child???

He is sucking on his little fist! During the exam he kept switching hands, but was pretty much trying to suck on something the whole time. We could see his little lips move in a sucking motion. Much like his parents, this kid is ready to eat! There was one brief moment where he moved his hands away and the ultrasound tech got a picture of his lips:

Unfortunately the rest of his little face is covered up in that one. We also got a side profile view for a few seconds but couldn't get a picture of it because Charlie decided to give the ultrasound tech a big kick and it knocked the little wand thing off my stomach. She looked a little startled! She said she typically does a test during this ultrasound to make sure the baby is continuing to grow and thrive, but if he can kick the wand off my tummy, we don't really need to do that test. Anyways, from the profile view it looks like he got my chin!

Overall, it was a really good appointment. We found out that he weighs approximately 6 lbs 11 oz and is measuring right on time for a February 26 due date. The placenta looks good and there is still plenty of fluid, so he's got room to grow a little bigger. Dr. D thinks he will be around 8 lbs when he is born. Unfortunately (for me mostly) she does not think he will be born for at least another couple of weeks. I am still not dilated at all, but continuing to efface. I came home and took a long walk today because really, let's get this show on the road.

Everything else looked really good and I got lots of sympathy from both Dr. D and her nurse for all this horrible pain I've been in the last week. A little sympathy for the hormonal goes so far! I found out I tested positive as a carrier for Group B strep, which means I have to go on an antibiotic when I go into labor so I don't pass anything on to the baby. Apparently it's not that big a deal.

Brad was of course in classic form, weighing himself on the scale, blowing up a latex glove and pretending it was his hand and telling Dr. D he was pleased there is so much refrigerator space in the L&D ward so he can bring a big pitcher of margaritas with us! She said to definitely call her in that case when I go into labor! 

My next appointment is next Thursday the 12th, which should be pretty routine but I'm hoping for some progress on the dilation front. Brad has predicted a Valentine's baby so I would hope something is going on down there by next Thursday!

Also, back pain has improved some - no more wild, thriving dramatic episodes of pain. I went in to work for a half day this morning and plan on a full day tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I will probably just be pulling up the blog every half hour to stare at this adorable baby in his ultrasound pics. Ahhh me loves!


Lindsay said...

Group B Strep is not a big deal unless the baby gets it. Remember Anne? Her 3rd boy caught it on the way out (I think he came too quickly for her to get a second dose of the antibiotic?), and it was a really scary 4-5 days for them. Get those antibiotics!!!

Lakshmy said...

That is the cutest baby I have ever seen....in black and white anyway!

Meredith said...

Sounds like Mama will need a fresh marg or two when this is all done! Kudos to brother!

Meredith said...

YAY - we're gonna have a baby soon ! Please be sure to keep us posted in case anyting happens. I cant wait to meet the little guy ! xoxoxoxoxoxox

Meredith said...

That last message was from Meredith Saunders...I know your sis is Meredith too :-)