Friday, February 13, 2009

State of the Annoyingly Inactive Uterus

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday and despite all the walking I've been doing I've had no progress since last week. I'm a fingertip dilated (which was on the chart from last week she said, though my pregnancy stupids made me forget it) and that's it. The baby has dropped some more, which has got to constitute the slowest baby drop in history since he started dropping 2 or 3 weeks ago. At this rate he might arrive by my birthday in June. 

I told Dr. D I just have this feeling he is going to take forever and how I was so late for my mom and at this point in my pregnancy, the thought of another 6 weeks makes me amazed she still speaks to me. She said if it makes me feel better, we can schedule an induction for my due date and if he doesn't come before then at least I have a date and end in sight. Yes, that WOULD make me feel better! So I am waiting to hear back from the office about whether Labor & Delivery can take me that day. 

I have definitely turned into 'that whiny pregnant lady'. The Rib feels better and Lower Back only strikes occasionally, but my sleep is nonexistent and every muscle in my body aches when I get up in the morning. Heartburn starts at around 2pm and goes until bedtime. It is really hard to concentrate at work. And people who tell me to enjoy the last few weeks apparently do not value their lives. I think I'd much rather hear 'you haven't had that baby YET??' or 'You look like you're ready to pop!'

So that's about it. 13 days to go. That sounds longer then it should. 


Stephanie said...

Memo to Charlie: If you want any little brothers or sisters, you better ease up on your mommy. :)

Meredith said...

WOW - I thought for sure Valentines Weekend was IT ! Im thinking about you hun - please tell Brad to update vance when it happens...I know you'll have lots of other stuff to think about :)
Mere & Vance