Monday, February 23, 2009


I went over last night to Kristen's house to eat dinner and watch the Oscars. Neither of us had seen any of the movies, but we of course critiqued all the outfits, which really - isn't that the most fun part? I think we each said 'yeah, not too wild about that' about a dozen times. Overall the dresses were kinda lame. No bright colors, very few interesting cuts, very little show-stopping jewelry.

Some thoughts - 
  • Could Angelina be more boring? I know she's like way too famous to bother with the press, but every dress she picks is just a snooooooooooze, like she's hoping nobody will look at her.  I know I didn't bother for long.
  • That was so nice of Beyonce's mom to let her daughter turn her Vegas condo curtains into a dress. The Knowles ladies don't consider themselves dressed up without a unflattering fishtail! Yeah!
  • Kristy and I decided on IM that Sarah Jessica Parker traded in her chin mole for some boobs to fill out her dress. She looked like she was there withe her dad - what is up with Matthew Broderick's hair??
  • Jennifer Aniston: you have left Malibu for the evening. Please style your hair accordingly.
  • Kristen and I were split on Miley Cyrus' dress partially because what the heck is Miley Cyrus doing at the Oscars?? I think a lack of options has me appreciating a dress with some drama, but during interviews, she is aggravating beyond description.
  • Kate Winslet can do no wrong when selecting dresses for award shows. Marisa Tomei looked pretty incredible too. 
  • Amy Adams usually looks darling but her stylist must have a really bad strain of the flu to let her out of the house with that gaudy, ugly necklace. Her dress was boring, but that could have been fixed by picking a different dress, not grabbing the largest piece of costume jewelry in Hollywood. So ugly.
  • I think one of my high school friends wore Amanda Seyfried's Oscar dress to Homecoming in 1991. You're going on stage with Robert Pattinson and that's what you wear??? A gathered bow and spaghetti straps that makes you look 15??? 
  • I officially have a girl crush on Tina Fey. Perfect.
I think that's all I got. Well, other then general annoyance with Sean Penn for not thanking his wife when he won Best Actor, but finding time to tell everyone Mickey Rourke was his boy. Eyeroll. And I tried really hard to like Hugh Jackman as host, but I miss a funny host. Can we bring Ellen back? Love her.

I hope I can go see Slumdog Millionaire either Wednesday or Thursday before I go into the hospital. I think I can wait for the others to come On Demand so I can shut them off if they get too depressing.  One of my favorite Oscar moments was when Jon Stewart was hosting and he read off the list of Best Picture Nominees and a brief synopsis of each (all were about real life depressing issues; death, drugs, etc.) and then pausing before saying 'Because THAT'S why we go to the movies. To ESCAPE.' Amen.


Stephanie said...

My thoughts exactly! Some more commentary:

-Tying with Angelina for the boring award: Merryl Streep's daughter. Talk about snobby.
-Amy Adams: not only was the necklace hideous, but her hair looked like it was falling out of its 'do.
-In addition to your picks for best dressed, I thought Natalie Portman looked amazing.

Meredith said...

Angelina=TOTAL snoozefest, she recycles the same damn dress every time she leaves the house. Also she just exudes this snobbery that I am so over.
I full on hated Miley's fairy princess dress- it looked more like a costume.
SJP has totaly had work done. Those boobs on that skinny body are not real.
I actually loved Amy Adams's whole look, necklace included. I think she could mix it up with the hair tho- that seems to be her standard style whenever she gets gussied up.
I saw Slumdog, and it was a good film, but I don't begin to understand why it's the best picture of the year. I just didn't come away from it thinking it was one of the best films I'd seen this year.