Monday, February 9, 2009

Nursery Tour

We finally finished! I am so happy that we are done and with a couple of weeks to spare. It was mostly done last night, but I couldn't sleep this morning, so got up and did the last couple of things and then sat in the glider chair for a while trying to grasp that we are going to put a little baby in this room here in the near future. 

I also sat there and thought about how far the room has come. Actually how far the whole house has come.  We bought something rather ugly and dated and through gallons and gallons of paint, floor refinishing and over a hundred trips to Lowe's have made it into our house. It still isn't finished - Charlie's room is the first to have curtains - but we are getting there. So as a reminder, here is the before picture of the room I called as the nursery when we saw the house for the first time, complete with lovely mint green trim! Those are the closet doors leaning against the wall right before they were painted white.

And here is the after! I painted the room before we were pregnant so picked a gender neutral creamy yellow that I found in House Beautiful magazine. It is Benjamin Moore's Pale Moon. And the same white trim that's in the rest of the house. If you walk in the room and look at a 45 degree angle, this is what you would see:

If you look straight ahead when you walk in, you'll see the closet on the left and the chair in front of the window. The chair glides and is big and squishy and so comfortable. I have a basket of books to read next to it. 

If you take a sharp right when you walk in the room you'll see the crib in front of you and the changing station to the right. The pictures above the crib I bought before I was even married, planning on putting them in the room of my future child. 

Here is the changing station. You may recall the Jenny Lind changing table I bought on Craig's list for a mere $15 with plans to paint it white. I have only two words to describe this project: Never Again. What a pain! I hate spindles! It did turn out pretty cute, though. Lots of cute little bins and baskets on the shelves filled with diaper changing paraphernalia. The large picture frame above the table is from my cousin Kim and is just waiting for a cute Charlie pic to go inside!

We (meaning Brad) hung some shelves above the dresser and filled them with all sorts of cute gifts we received for the nursery. I love all the variety and how each item is special:

We got this dresser at Ikea and I found the drawer pulls and lamp at Target. It holds tons of stuff - I have it filled with lots of sleepers and onesies and socks and shoes! On top is an iHome, baby album, little box to store things in and a bottle warmer/chiller. 

Here is a close up of the crib set, which I love. I found it on clearance at TJ Maxx and it matched everything perfectly! Also the mobile, which plays 3 different classical tunes and is somehow supposed to make the baby smarter according to the box. I call marketing gimmick!

This is a close up of the adorable curtains the Sue sewed! I fell in love with this whale fabric and cute stripe and she turned them into these, which look so cute in the room! I found the curtain rods with the glass-looking finials at Target. 

Here's a close up of the rug we have on the floor, which Brad's Aunt Beth gave him years ago. The pattern is ducks with little blue bills! I doubt he suspected at the time it would end up in his baby's nursery. I kind of clipped it off at the top, but there's a basket full of sweet stuffed animals and teddy bears that Ringo has found SOOOOO interesting. He sniffs and sniffs and then gives me these pathetic glances like couldn't he just have one of the toys?? Next to it is this hilarious humidifier shaped like a frog.

So that's it! It's a little room, but it fit everything we needed in there just perfectly. I am so pleased how well it all turned out. It is such a soothing room to be in, which is what I wanted. And I decided not to do a theme in favor of just finding things I loved and putting gifts from friends and family around the room. Everywhere you look is something special. Hopefully Charlie will find it to be his favorite place to sleep! 


Stephanie said...

Love it! Love, love, love! And I don't know who got you that whale basket, but it sure does match well. :)

Meredith said...

I love everything! It looks amazing. I love how it's not so matchy matchy but everything goes together. And I can see the print I got for Charlie! Yay! I'm glad it works so well!

Ed said...

Wow, that's really nice! You're too good at that stuff.

The Balog Family said...

Hi Kara & Brad! My mom is out visiting and we just read your blog and loved the nursery! Too cute! I'm glad you had such fun with it! I had just as much fun the second time around doing Hannah's as I did doing EmmaKate's!! We'll keep checking to see how things are moving along. If you want to see what you have to look forward to in a few years, check our blog out at - we just entered the preschool phase of life!! :) Best wishes to you both! love, carol and auntie (aunt mary alice).

Kristen said...

adorable. can't wait to see it with baby charlie in it! ;) i am assuming no news from you is good news - or rather bad news that is - that you haven't gone into labor. ;)

Soña said...

Oh Kara this room looks adorable! I can't wait to see photos of your sweet baby boy in there. Really a wonderfully charming nursery.

p.s. Where'd you get the glider? We haven't found one we love yet.