Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Name that Baby

We picked a baby name, which I've mentioned a few times on the blog, but I thought I would post a few pictures of my grandfather, Daddy Chuck, who the baby will be named after. Daddy Chuck isn't with us anymore, he passed away my sophomore year of college (1995), but I've always known he's watching us and I think he is probably so tickled about this little baby who will have his name. We'll do a little deviation of it, so Charles will be called Charlie instead of Chuck. And he is already such a character in the womb that I think he will do the name justice! 

This is Daddy Chuck on his wedding day with my Nana in Peebles, Ohio. I love this picture - it is everything that is beautiful about getting married. They look so excited and just a little bit nervous!

This is a picture of my grandparents quite a few years later at their house in El Paso, Texas. This is in the kitchen. It was at Christmas and I got a Polaroid camera! I spent the whole day taking pictures of everyone; aunts, uncles and cousins. In retrospect I bet I was really annoying!

The middle name is going to be after Brad, whose full name is Bradford. I think it sounds very nice with Charles. Here are some ideas of what the baby might look like, based on his parentage -

Brad with his bunny rabbit:

Me with my Raggedy Ann doll (already practicing for motherhood):


Lindsay said...

That's funny - yesterday I was wondering what his middle name would be, and I thought Bradford sounded really good!

Meredith said...

I love that wedding day pic! Daddy Chuck was such a handsome devil, I'm sure Charlie will be too!