Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet the Mini Watermelon

The mini-watermelon, according to Dr. D, is quite comfy in my tummy and shows no signs of an early or on-time checkout. No progress since last week. The mini-watermelon may actually be more of an grown up watermelon because I think he's closer to 8 pounds now and approximately 8.5 pounds by my due date a week from now. At any rate, it's time to talk eviction.

As I mentioned last week in the state of the uterus I was looking at getting an induction, which has officially been scheduled. I go in next Thursday evening to the hospital for a 'gel', which will persuade my most stubborn cervix to cooperate and I'll spend the night. By early Friday morning I will be ready to induce and we should have a bebe by later that day! 

I know some find inductions objectionable, blah blah blah. If you know me, I'm certainly no mother earth, au naturale type of gal. Pass the hair dye and self tanner. I was planning on intervention for pain and now we'll intervene to kick start things. My sisters and I were all late for my mom (before they did inductions) and I was, in particular, a huge baby (still am - ha!). So I could wait another week and probably get induced or just do it next Friday. 

I have to admit, scheduling it is turning out to be hugely convenient! I have a firm stop date at work, I'm able to take a couple days off beforehand to prepare, my mom may be able to fly in for it, etc etc. Plus seeing an end to these back spasms and sciatic nerve pain will be awesome. I anticipate the sleep deprivation to continue =). 

Now that I've said all that, watch my water break tomorrow. 


Lindsay said...

You have no idea how lucky I feel having both my boys come two weeks early. Hope the induction goes like clockwork!

Meredith said...

YAY ! Im so excited for you. But your prob right. Now that you have a date set, your water will break soon :)
Mere & Vance