Monday, February 2, 2009

Double Ouch

I would have posted sooner, but I've been writhing in dramatic pain lately. Or stumbling around in a sleep deprived stupor, either one. I consider the sleep-deprived stupor to be good practice for what's to come. The dramatic pain is getting very old. 

Thursday night I had a bit of a setback with my nemesis, The Rib, when we were over at our friends Cedric and Emily's house for dinner. I had quit taking the pain medicine earlier in the day because I thought I was better and I would be back at work the next day; life was returning to normal. Then an hour after we ate The Rib started voicing its displeasure and recruited Lower Back to help out in the protest. A half hour after that it became a screaming protest and we had to leave. It just killed me too, because we were having so much fun and I had to go and ruin the party and end things early. I am not one to take a fun night with friends for granted right now.

What I know now is that the reason I felt so great that afternoon was because of the pain medicine; not because I have some special healing powers. I was up most of that night in pain, called in sick on Friday and focused on recovering and re-runs of Top Chef. Saturday The Rib was quite cooperative, but I had apparently done something to offend Lower Back, my new nemesis. Lower Back has been breathing fire and throwing daggers ever since, to the point I was convinced there had to be an infection, a kidney stone, something terribly broken - anything that would describe these horrible fits of pain that wake me up all night and go on for hours while I go cross eyed and beads of sweat form at my brow. 

After spending most of yesterday in tears over the pain or on the phone trying to get anyone to diagnose me based on a loose description of what was going on and the level of panic in my voice, we broke down and went to the ER. I found another sign in/front desk type person who didn't get the memo about being nice to me, btw. She totally didn't believe me that this had nothing to do with labor or being pregnant, but a seriously malfunctioning kidney and I need pain relief STAT! Ok, so she ended up being right and my kidneys are fine. But I don't know how she knew that just from looking at me.

I spent a couple of hours in labor and delivery and met with the on-call OB. Even before the test results proved it, Dr. Smarty Pants strongly suspected nothing was wrong with anything near my kidney because I don't actually know where my kidneys are located. Ohhhhh pickypicky. The area of my back I was pointing to with all the pain actually holds nothing, so he thought it was muscle or nerve pain. 

At one point he said we probably just need to chalk it up to 'normal pregnancy lower back pain' and I burst into tears and told him - wait for it - that he didn't understand.  Yeah, he's just a doctor who sees this kind of thing every week. He was nice as can be when he said it, but calling what I was going through 'normal' was so upsetting. Normal meaning I was overreacting, not handling the pain well and needed to get used to this pain as my new way of life - an unacceptable description. Luckily for me, this doctor has worked long enough with hormonal pregnant women that he adjusted quickly, said some comforting things and I was able to dry it up and become cordial again. His best idea on what was causing the pain is either the baby is on a nerve or muscle spasms. 

I came home and got back on the pain meds and have had 3 more episodes of the back pain, but for the most part have been holding it together. I didn't get much sleep last night. I worked from home today, not wanting any of my coworkers to witness me going through it. I am going to see how tonight goes before making a call about work tomorrow. I have my ultrasound and weekly appointment at 1 pm and I'm sure my visit to L&D will be a hot topic. 

One interesting tidbit - the monitors showed I was contracting irregularly every 7 to 10 minutes or so. I had no idea! Can't feel a thing. At least something going on with this body is painless. 

So that's what's going on. Lower Back and I are going to try and not go to bed angry again tonight. I'll have a state of the uterus, complete with ultrasound pics, tomorrow! yay! 


Lindsay said...

Ouch, sorry! Pregnancy = Means To An End around here, too.

It is worth it, I promise! The first time Charlie smiles at you on purpose or call you Mommy, you'll forget all about The Rib and Lower Back.

Meredith said...

Argh, that is the worst. Here are my thoughts- If YOU think that something is too painful for you than it IS, end of story. Just because they can't pinpoint exactly what's shooting knives into your back doesn't mean you should just shut up and deal with it. Makes me angry! GR!