Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad Poodle Dream

I had this crazy dream last night that I gave birth to the baby and he was as big as our dog Ringo. Ringo is a standard poodle who weighs 55 pounds. He likes to nap all sprawled out on our bed (see above) so in the dream we laid the baby down next to him to confirm that yes, he and Ringo are the same size. Brad and I just stood there looking down on the bed at the sleeping baby and sleeping poodle, marveling at how big the baby turned out to be. 

If dreaming that one is giving birth to a 55 pound baby doesn't confirm that one is having anxiety issues, then I'm not sure what does. 


Soña said...

Oh Kara -- I'm thinking of you a lot this week. Hang in there. And no more giving birth to a poodle sized baby dreams.

Cecily Garcia said...

So, is Charlie as big as Ringo?