Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Day

Today is my due date! I can safely say absolutely nothing is going on right now to suggest Charlie is  on his way out, so we are headed into the hospital tonight at 5 to get things moving. I guess Mother Nature is getting me ready to be a newborn's mom because I haven't slept worth a flip for the past couple of weeks. Just sooo uncomfortable. I feel bad for Brad because I am beyond irritable right now. He is teasing me incessantly though. We keep doing the whole 'well this is the last time we do X before the baby is born!' schtick. Right now it's peaceful blogging with coffee in bed with two sleeping poodles. 

Yesterday felt about 10 minutes long with everything we were trying to get done. We never did make it to Slumdog Millionaire, but the minute I see it on On Demand I'm watching it. Instead I got my massage and my car washed and a bunch of other things. The massage therapist asked me what was up with my lower back the minute I got out of the treatment room. She said it was so tight she was scared to touch it. Yeah, you're telling me lady. I got my massage at Massage Envy, which is this chain where they do nothing but massage and the prices are pretty reasonable. I've been twice now in different cities and both therapists were awesome. They were both in strip centers and all the decor looks like it's from Bed, Bath and Beyond. So it's more therapy then spa.  And worth every penny.

We also went last night to Total Wine to pick up some bottles since next week I can have some! I was kind of embarrassed to be the 10 month pregnant lady buying a bunch of wine, like maybe everyone was judging me. But I got over it pretty quickly because I have missed my good friend Wine!  

If you don't live near a Total Wine, it is this giant wine store warehouse type thing. The selection and prices are really good, though the wines that the store and staff promote the most are generally the crappiest. I guess those are the wines they make the most money on. So you have to walk past the flashing lights display for the mediocre pinot noir to find the good one. They also love to promote themey wines. They were all about that Vampire Shiraz or whatever around Halloween. Please. JV is across the street people.

I was noticing last night how we both tend to gravitate to the most budget unfriendly wines. Oaky chardonnay and big cabs (paying those napa real estate prices for it to sit in the barrel longer), Willamette Valley pinot noirs (low production, high quality = $$$) and now, after our trip to Italy, the holy grail: Brunello di Montalcino. There's a look but do not touch wine if I've ever seen it. You can rarely find it because Italians keep the best for themselves, but when you do you feel like you just paid first class passage on the Queen Mary for it to get to your table. Maybe for our birthdays. I definitely need to pick up Wine Spectators Best Under $20 issue this year. We are in a recession after all.

Well, it's time to finish packing for the hospital and then lunch with Colleen! I may blog again one more time before going in. Having no children and not going to work leaves some extra time for blog posts!

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Kim said...

Can't wait to hear that Charlie is here!