Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Day

Today is my due date! I can safely say absolutely nothing is going on right now to suggest Charlie is  on his way out, so we are headed into the hospital tonight at 5 to get things moving. I guess Mother Nature is getting me ready to be a newborn's mom because I haven't slept worth a flip for the past couple of weeks. Just sooo uncomfortable. I feel bad for Brad because I am beyond irritable right now. He is teasing me incessantly though. We keep doing the whole 'well this is the last time we do X before the baby is born!' schtick. Right now it's peaceful blogging with coffee in bed with two sleeping poodles. 

Yesterday felt about 10 minutes long with everything we were trying to get done. We never did make it to Slumdog Millionaire, but the minute I see it on On Demand I'm watching it. Instead I got my massage and my car washed and a bunch of other things. The massage therapist asked me what was up with my lower back the minute I got out of the treatment room. She said it was so tight she was scared to touch it. Yeah, you're telling me lady. I got my massage at Massage Envy, which is this chain where they do nothing but massage and the prices are pretty reasonable. I've been twice now in different cities and both therapists were awesome. They were both in strip centers and all the decor looks like it's from Bed, Bath and Beyond. So it's more therapy then spa.  And worth every penny.

We also went last night to Total Wine to pick up some bottles since next week I can have some! I was kind of embarrassed to be the 10 month pregnant lady buying a bunch of wine, like maybe everyone was judging me. But I got over it pretty quickly because I have missed my good friend Wine!  

If you don't live near a Total Wine, it is this giant wine store warehouse type thing. The selection and prices are really good, though the wines that the store and staff promote the most are generally the crappiest. I guess those are the wines they make the most money on. So you have to walk past the flashing lights display for the mediocre pinot noir to find the good one. They also love to promote themey wines. They were all about that Vampire Shiraz or whatever around Halloween. Please. JV is across the street people.

I was noticing last night how we both tend to gravitate to the most budget unfriendly wines. Oaky chardonnay and big cabs (paying those napa real estate prices for it to sit in the barrel longer), Willamette Valley pinot noirs (low production, high quality = $$$) and now, after our trip to Italy, the holy grail: Brunello di Montalcino. There's a look but do not touch wine if I've ever seen it. You can rarely find it because Italians keep the best for themselves, but when you do you feel like you just paid first class passage on the Queen Mary for it to get to your table. Maybe for our birthdays. I definitely need to pick up Wine Spectators Best Under $20 issue this year. We are in a recession after all.

Well, it's time to finish packing for the hospital and then lunch with Colleen! I may blog again one more time before going in. Having no children and not going to work leaves some extra time for blog posts!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have today off from work to finish up some things and go to my pre-admission appointment at the hospital. They explained the whole process I'll be going through, took some blood and showed me around. Afterwards I felt so much better, mostly because of these magic words the nurse told me:
'You can have your epidural whenever you want.'

I also got to see the newborn nursery and the babies were so sweet and tiny! So that was exciting to, especially thinking about how we'll have a little bundle in there in a couple of days!

Today we are taking care of some last minute things and I have a prenatal massage scheduled for 3pm - soooo looking forward to that. Afterwards we're going to try and go see Slumdog Millionaire if we don't get sidetracked doing other things. Tomorrow I am having lunch with Colleen and then we go into the hospital! So I can have my epidural whenever I want! Yay!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bad Poodle Dream

I had this crazy dream last night that I gave birth to the baby and he was as big as our dog Ringo. Ringo is a standard poodle who weighs 55 pounds. He likes to nap all sprawled out on our bed (see above) so in the dream we laid the baby down next to him to confirm that yes, he and Ringo are the same size. Brad and I just stood there looking down on the bed at the sleeping baby and sleeping poodle, marveling at how big the baby turned out to be. 

If dreaming that one is giving birth to a 55 pound baby doesn't confirm that one is having anxiety issues, then I'm not sure what does. 

Oh, Hello Reality!

It's starting to dawn on me that I'm actually having a baby this week. It all began when people at work started saying things like 'good bye' and 'good luck' today - my last day until I return from maternity leave.  12 weeks sounds deliciously long to have no work responsibilities but I hear from multiple sources it feels similar to blinking. 

As part of this awareness process, I'm starting to think about how Friday is going to have it's fair share of pain and discomfort, neither of which I am a huge fan of. It may not even be limited to pain and discomfort - there may even be some parts that are scary. And I am going to have to go quite some time with no food. I hate being hungry. I get very fussy. That's one thing I'm totally going to get when it makes the baby upset. Hungry sucks. I think the combo of being in pain, hungry and scared will definitely bring out my best and most attractive qualities. 

Then I realized today at lunch with my team that I have not changed a diaper since high school when I used to babysit. I just asked Brad and he's not that sure he's ever changed a diaper. By Monday when my mom leaves we are going to be completely on our own trying to figure out at 3am why the baby won't quit crying. We are hideously under qualified for this. I have a couple of highly recommended books - that's my only ammo.

Another thing that has me a tad worried is that I haven't heard from my friend who gave birth last Friday. I haven't called or anything not wanting to interrupt or wake someone up - and knowing she will send an email update when she has her wits about her. So far, no wits. She's only been home from the hospital a couple of days, but is it really that nuts for her now?? Why yes, I think it probably is. And this time next week, it will be for me too.  For all of us. Try explaining that to a poodle. 

So I'm anxious about all these things but then I think about getting to meet the baby and see what he looks like (though I'm fairly certain from the last ultrasound he looks like ME! or at least has my chin) and hold him and I feel so squishy inside. Brad is beside himself he's so excited and seeing him hold the baby for the first time is going to be the ultimate. So as long as I can focus on the good stuff and keep my feet firmly rooted in denial, I think I'll make it at least a bit longer. 

My friend Paige and I used to have this running joke whenever someone we knew gave birth that in comparison, we were just not productive at all that day. Sure maybe we finished a presentation or turned in a deliverable, but we did not create life! Friday is going to be so freakin' productive for me. 

Monday, February 23, 2009


I went over last night to Kristen's house to eat dinner and watch the Oscars. Neither of us had seen any of the movies, but we of course critiqued all the outfits, which really - isn't that the most fun part? I think we each said 'yeah, not too wild about that' about a dozen times. Overall the dresses were kinda lame. No bright colors, very few interesting cuts, very little show-stopping jewelry.

Some thoughts - 
  • Could Angelina be more boring? I know she's like way too famous to bother with the press, but every dress she picks is just a snooooooooooze, like she's hoping nobody will look at her.  I know I didn't bother for long.
  • That was so nice of Beyonce's mom to let her daughter turn her Vegas condo curtains into a dress. The Knowles ladies don't consider themselves dressed up without a unflattering fishtail! Yeah!
  • Kristy and I decided on IM that Sarah Jessica Parker traded in her chin mole for some boobs to fill out her dress. She looked like she was there withe her dad - what is up with Matthew Broderick's hair??
  • Jennifer Aniston: you have left Malibu for the evening. Please style your hair accordingly.
  • Kristen and I were split on Miley Cyrus' dress partially because what the heck is Miley Cyrus doing at the Oscars?? I think a lack of options has me appreciating a dress with some drama, but during interviews, she is aggravating beyond description.
  • Kate Winslet can do no wrong when selecting dresses for award shows. Marisa Tomei looked pretty incredible too. 
  • Amy Adams usually looks darling but her stylist must have a really bad strain of the flu to let her out of the house with that gaudy, ugly necklace. Her dress was boring, but that could have been fixed by picking a different dress, not grabbing the largest piece of costume jewelry in Hollywood. So ugly.
  • I think one of my high school friends wore Amanda Seyfried's Oscar dress to Homecoming in 1991. You're going on stage with Robert Pattinson and that's what you wear??? A gathered bow and spaghetti straps that makes you look 15??? 
  • I officially have a girl crush on Tina Fey. Perfect.
I think that's all I got. Well, other then general annoyance with Sean Penn for not thanking his wife when he won Best Actor, but finding time to tell everyone Mickey Rourke was his boy. Eyeroll. And I tried really hard to like Hugh Jackman as host, but I miss a funny host. Can we bring Ellen back? Love her.

I hope I can go see Slumdog Millionaire either Wednesday or Thursday before I go into the hospital. I think I can wait for the others to come On Demand so I can shut them off if they get too depressing.  One of my favorite Oscar moments was when Jon Stewart was hosting and he read off the list of Best Picture Nominees and a brief synopsis of each (all were about real life depressing issues; death, drugs, etc.) and then pausing before saying 'Because THAT'S why we go to the movies. To ESCAPE.' Amen.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exciting News!

One of my best friends, Amy, who was due last Sunday, had her baby boy last night! We just got the email and pictures from her hubby early this morning. He looks so healthy (a very nice 8 pounder!) and there's a picture of him with his mom that made me so weepy!! I have been close friends with Amy (we call her Cookie) for about twelve years and to see her holding her baby was just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm still getting choked up!

She called me on the way to the hospital yesterday and sounded so excited! That was around 11am her time and she had him before 8pm. After she called I thought about her all night, wondering how it was going and frankly kind of worried because it seemed to be taking so long and there was no word. I was swapping texts with one of my other best friends Holly (who has a little girl coming around May 1!) for a while last night. Holly ended up waking up at 3:30 am to check her computer for a message!! I slept until just before 7 (a record for me lately) but I can't tell you the record speed in which I jumped out of bed and got my cell and laptop to see if there was any news. 

Anyways, that is some happy news today! I'm so anxious for more pictures - maybe a quick one without the hospital cap?? The ultrasound tech told them the baby has a ton of hair and I'm just dying to see! And of course get to Texas soon so I can meet this kid in person. I have a feeling he's going to be quite the personality...... =)

Congratulations to the Gunthers! We love you and can't wait to meet the baby!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet the Mini Watermelon

The mini-watermelon, according to Dr. D, is quite comfy in my tummy and shows no signs of an early or on-time checkout. No progress since last week. The mini-watermelon may actually be more of an grown up watermelon because I think he's closer to 8 pounds now and approximately 8.5 pounds by my due date a week from now. At any rate, it's time to talk eviction.

As I mentioned last week in the state of the uterus I was looking at getting an induction, which has officially been scheduled. I go in next Thursday evening to the hospital for a 'gel', which will persuade my most stubborn cervix to cooperate and I'll spend the night. By early Friday morning I will be ready to induce and we should have a bebe by later that day! 

I know some find inductions objectionable, blah blah blah. If you know me, I'm certainly no mother earth, au naturale type of gal. Pass the hair dye and self tanner. I was planning on intervention for pain and now we'll intervene to kick start things. My sisters and I were all late for my mom (before they did inductions) and I was, in particular, a huge baby (still am - ha!). So I could wait another week and probably get induced or just do it next Friday. 

I have to admit, scheduling it is turning out to be hugely convenient! I have a firm stop date at work, I'm able to take a couple days off beforehand to prepare, my mom may be able to fly in for it, etc etc. Plus seeing an end to these back spasms and sciatic nerve pain will be awesome. I anticipate the sleep deprivation to continue =). 

Now that I've said all that, watch my water break tomorrow. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Whenever I need a good laugh

I go here:

Since I'm obviously shopping for a laugh, I'm sure it's apparent we are still waiting for the baby. We are in a deeply uncomfortable state of wait. 

Going to see Dr. D tomorrow, so there will be a new state of the uterus after that!

Friday, February 13, 2009

State of the Annoyingly Inactive Uterus

I had my 38 week appointment yesterday and despite all the walking I've been doing I've had no progress since last week. I'm a fingertip dilated (which was on the chart from last week she said, though my pregnancy stupids made me forget it) and that's it. The baby has dropped some more, which has got to constitute the slowest baby drop in history since he started dropping 2 or 3 weeks ago. At this rate he might arrive by my birthday in June. 

I told Dr. D I just have this feeling he is going to take forever and how I was so late for my mom and at this point in my pregnancy, the thought of another 6 weeks makes me amazed she still speaks to me. She said if it makes me feel better, we can schedule an induction for my due date and if he doesn't come before then at least I have a date and end in sight. Yes, that WOULD make me feel better! So I am waiting to hear back from the office about whether Labor & Delivery can take me that day. 

I have definitely turned into 'that whiny pregnant lady'. The Rib feels better and Lower Back only strikes occasionally, but my sleep is nonexistent and every muscle in my body aches when I get up in the morning. Heartburn starts at around 2pm and goes until bedtime. It is really hard to concentrate at work. And people who tell me to enjoy the last few weeks apparently do not value their lives. I think I'd much rather hear 'you haven't had that baby YET??' or 'You look like you're ready to pop!'

So that's about it. 13 days to go. That sounds longer then it should. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nursery Tour

We finally finished! I am so happy that we are done and with a couple of weeks to spare. It was mostly done last night, but I couldn't sleep this morning, so got up and did the last couple of things and then sat in the glider chair for a while trying to grasp that we are going to put a little baby in this room here in the near future. 

I also sat there and thought about how far the room has come. Actually how far the whole house has come.  We bought something rather ugly and dated and through gallons and gallons of paint, floor refinishing and over a hundred trips to Lowe's have made it into our house. It still isn't finished - Charlie's room is the first to have curtains - but we are getting there. So as a reminder, here is the before picture of the room I called as the nursery when we saw the house for the first time, complete with lovely mint green trim! Those are the closet doors leaning against the wall right before they were painted white.

And here is the after! I painted the room before we were pregnant so picked a gender neutral creamy yellow that I found in House Beautiful magazine. It is Benjamin Moore's Pale Moon. And the same white trim that's in the rest of the house. If you walk in the room and look at a 45 degree angle, this is what you would see:

If you look straight ahead when you walk in, you'll see the closet on the left and the chair in front of the window. The chair glides and is big and squishy and so comfortable. I have a basket of books to read next to it. 

If you take a sharp right when you walk in the room you'll see the crib in front of you and the changing station to the right. The pictures above the crib I bought before I was even married, planning on putting them in the room of my future child. 

Here is the changing station. You may recall the Jenny Lind changing table I bought on Craig's list for a mere $15 with plans to paint it white. I have only two words to describe this project: Never Again. What a pain! I hate spindles! It did turn out pretty cute, though. Lots of cute little bins and baskets on the shelves filled with diaper changing paraphernalia. The large picture frame above the table is from my cousin Kim and is just waiting for a cute Charlie pic to go inside!

We (meaning Brad) hung some shelves above the dresser and filled them with all sorts of cute gifts we received for the nursery. I love all the variety and how each item is special:

We got this dresser at Ikea and I found the drawer pulls and lamp at Target. It holds tons of stuff - I have it filled with lots of sleepers and onesies and socks and shoes! On top is an iHome, baby album, little box to store things in and a bottle warmer/chiller. 

Here is a close up of the crib set, which I love. I found it on clearance at TJ Maxx and it matched everything perfectly! Also the mobile, which plays 3 different classical tunes and is somehow supposed to make the baby smarter according to the box. I call marketing gimmick!

This is a close up of the adorable curtains the Sue sewed! I fell in love with this whale fabric and cute stripe and she turned them into these, which look so cute in the room! I found the curtain rods with the glass-looking finials at Target. 

Here's a close up of the rug we have on the floor, which Brad's Aunt Beth gave him years ago. The pattern is ducks with little blue bills! I doubt he suspected at the time it would end up in his baby's nursery. I kind of clipped it off at the top, but there's a basket full of sweet stuffed animals and teddy bears that Ringo has found SOOOOO interesting. He sniffs and sniffs and then gives me these pathetic glances like couldn't he just have one of the toys?? Next to it is this hilarious humidifier shaped like a frog.

So that's it! It's a little room, but it fit everything we needed in there just perfectly. I am so pleased how well it all turned out. It is such a soothing room to be in, which is what I wanted. And I decided not to do a theme in favor of just finding things I loved and putting gifts from friends and family around the room. Everywhere you look is something special. Hopefully Charlie will find it to be his favorite place to sleep! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Name that Baby

We picked a baby name, which I've mentioned a few times on the blog, but I thought I would post a few pictures of my grandfather, Daddy Chuck, who the baby will be named after. Daddy Chuck isn't with us anymore, he passed away my sophomore year of college (1995), but I've always known he's watching us and I think he is probably so tickled about this little baby who will have his name. We'll do a little deviation of it, so Charles will be called Charlie instead of Chuck. And he is already such a character in the womb that I think he will do the name justice! 

This is Daddy Chuck on his wedding day with my Nana in Peebles, Ohio. I love this picture - it is everything that is beautiful about getting married. They look so excited and just a little bit nervous!

This is a picture of my grandparents quite a few years later at their house in El Paso, Texas. This is in the kitchen. It was at Christmas and I got a Polaroid camera! I spent the whole day taking pictures of everyone; aunts, uncles and cousins. In retrospect I bet I was really annoying!

The middle name is going to be after Brad, whose full name is Bradford. I think it sounds very nice with Charles. Here are some ideas of what the baby might look like, based on his parentage -

Brad with his bunny rabbit:

Me with my Raggedy Ann doll (already practicing for motherhood):

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

State of the Uterus - Week 37

This was me coming out of my ultrasound today:

After days of feeling so cruddy it was like floating on a cloud after getting to see Charlie on the screen just moving around and being so cute! I know I'm biased, but how cute is this child???

He is sucking on his little fist! During the exam he kept switching hands, but was pretty much trying to suck on something the whole time. We could see his little lips move in a sucking motion. Much like his parents, this kid is ready to eat! There was one brief moment where he moved his hands away and the ultrasound tech got a picture of his lips:

Unfortunately the rest of his little face is covered up in that one. We also got a side profile view for a few seconds but couldn't get a picture of it because Charlie decided to give the ultrasound tech a big kick and it knocked the little wand thing off my stomach. She looked a little startled! She said she typically does a test during this ultrasound to make sure the baby is continuing to grow and thrive, but if he can kick the wand off my tummy, we don't really need to do that test. Anyways, from the profile view it looks like he got my chin!

Overall, it was a really good appointment. We found out that he weighs approximately 6 lbs 11 oz and is measuring right on time for a February 26 due date. The placenta looks good and there is still plenty of fluid, so he's got room to grow a little bigger. Dr. D thinks he will be around 8 lbs when he is born. Unfortunately (for me mostly) she does not think he will be born for at least another couple of weeks. I am still not dilated at all, but continuing to efface. I came home and took a long walk today because really, let's get this show on the road.

Everything else looked really good and I got lots of sympathy from both Dr. D and her nurse for all this horrible pain I've been in the last week. A little sympathy for the hormonal goes so far! I found out I tested positive as a carrier for Group B strep, which means I have to go on an antibiotic when I go into labor so I don't pass anything on to the baby. Apparently it's not that big a deal.

Brad was of course in classic form, weighing himself on the scale, blowing up a latex glove and pretending it was his hand and telling Dr. D he was pleased there is so much refrigerator space in the L&D ward so he can bring a big pitcher of margaritas with us! She said to definitely call her in that case when I go into labor! 

My next appointment is next Thursday the 12th, which should be pretty routine but I'm hoping for some progress on the dilation front. Brad has predicted a Valentine's baby so I would hope something is going on down there by next Thursday!

Also, back pain has improved some - no more wild, thriving dramatic episodes of pain. I went in to work for a half day this morning and plan on a full day tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I will probably just be pulling up the blog every half hour to stare at this adorable baby in his ultrasound pics. Ahhh me loves!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Double Ouch

I would have posted sooner, but I've been writhing in dramatic pain lately. Or stumbling around in a sleep deprived stupor, either one. I consider the sleep-deprived stupor to be good practice for what's to come. The dramatic pain is getting very old. 

Thursday night I had a bit of a setback with my nemesis, The Rib, when we were over at our friends Cedric and Emily's house for dinner. I had quit taking the pain medicine earlier in the day because I thought I was better and I would be back at work the next day; life was returning to normal. Then an hour after we ate The Rib started voicing its displeasure and recruited Lower Back to help out in the protest. A half hour after that it became a screaming protest and we had to leave. It just killed me too, because we were having so much fun and I had to go and ruin the party and end things early. I am not one to take a fun night with friends for granted right now.

What I know now is that the reason I felt so great that afternoon was because of the pain medicine; not because I have some special healing powers. I was up most of that night in pain, called in sick on Friday and focused on recovering and re-runs of Top Chef. Saturday The Rib was quite cooperative, but I had apparently done something to offend Lower Back, my new nemesis. Lower Back has been breathing fire and throwing daggers ever since, to the point I was convinced there had to be an infection, a kidney stone, something terribly broken - anything that would describe these horrible fits of pain that wake me up all night and go on for hours while I go cross eyed and beads of sweat form at my brow. 

After spending most of yesterday in tears over the pain or on the phone trying to get anyone to diagnose me based on a loose description of what was going on and the level of panic in my voice, we broke down and went to the ER. I found another sign in/front desk type person who didn't get the memo about being nice to me, btw. She totally didn't believe me that this had nothing to do with labor or being pregnant, but a seriously malfunctioning kidney and I need pain relief STAT! Ok, so she ended up being right and my kidneys are fine. But I don't know how she knew that just from looking at me.

I spent a couple of hours in labor and delivery and met with the on-call OB. Even before the test results proved it, Dr. Smarty Pants strongly suspected nothing was wrong with anything near my kidney because I don't actually know where my kidneys are located. Ohhhhh pickypicky. The area of my back I was pointing to with all the pain actually holds nothing, so he thought it was muscle or nerve pain. 

At one point he said we probably just need to chalk it up to 'normal pregnancy lower back pain' and I burst into tears and told him - wait for it - that he didn't understand.  Yeah, he's just a doctor who sees this kind of thing every week. He was nice as can be when he said it, but calling what I was going through 'normal' was so upsetting. Normal meaning I was overreacting, not handling the pain well and needed to get used to this pain as my new way of life - an unacceptable description. Luckily for me, this doctor has worked long enough with hormonal pregnant women that he adjusted quickly, said some comforting things and I was able to dry it up and become cordial again. His best idea on what was causing the pain is either the baby is on a nerve or muscle spasms. 

I came home and got back on the pain meds and have had 3 more episodes of the back pain, but for the most part have been holding it together. I didn't get much sleep last night. I worked from home today, not wanting any of my coworkers to witness me going through it. I am going to see how tonight goes before making a call about work tomorrow. I have my ultrasound and weekly appointment at 1 pm and I'm sure my visit to L&D will be a hot topic. 

One interesting tidbit - the monitors showed I was contracting irregularly every 7 to 10 minutes or so. I had no idea! Can't feel a thing. At least something going on with this body is painless. 

So that's what's going on. Lower Back and I are going to try and not go to bed angry again tonight. I'll have a state of the uterus, complete with ultrasound pics, tomorrow! yay!