Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes, I'm a Loser

I am actually going to write a blog post on what I thought about this year's teenage movie obsession. Yeah. I know.

My friend Karen and I went to see the Twighlight movie on Saturday afternoon. Much to our surprise, for an afternoon showing of a movie that has been out a while, it was packed! We had to sit really close up front, but got butter on the popcorn so I could have sat in the aisle and been happy. I think my sister Meredith pegged the description of the movie right on - it is hilariously bad! There were parts where Karen and I were looking at each other and just laughing our heads off while the teenage girls around us were gasping and biting their fingernails. But, like I was told by Lindsay, Rob Pattinson (who plays Edward) is super yummy. With yummy on top!

You can kind of tell the studio wanted to get this movie out while the books were still extremely popular so they could make as much money as possible in their window of opportunity. Just in case the movie didn't take off, they spent barely any money making it. While the release of the Harry Potter movies has been annoyingly slow, at least they have the patience to try and get the movies right - with mediocre success, granted, but I wouldn't describe any of those movies as hilariously bad.

So the whole thing comes off as kind of rushed. The screenplay is disappointing, leaving out what I think are crucial parts of the book and turning Edward into this frustrated, pissed off grouch, which is not how I read him in the book. The special effects are really cheesy and casting of everyone but the two main characters must have been done with a blindfold, some headshots and a set of darts. Whoever they hired to do hair and makeup needs to step away from the Clorox bleach immediately and leave the Wal-Mart seasonal Halloween aisle.

It's kind of a shame really. I mean, I don't want to pretend these books are some great contribution to literature. But they are real page turners and if you want to escape, this a book series to escape into. The movie has a lot of unrealized potential if it actually, oh I don't know, followed the book? I mean really ladies, let's try to think of any cons at all to this story line - an extremely hot, wealthy immortal falls madly in love with and becomes hopelessly devoted to a pale, clumsy everygirl. All because she smells good. I'm certainly not one to argue with the new glamourization of being pale and clumsy.

They are doing a movie on the second book, which they have set a release date (11/20/09) for before they've even finalized casting. I would say that is a Bad Sign. They have the same screenwriter (ugh) but the original director left because the schedule was too rushed. So last time the schedule was ok? Oh dear. And the story line means Rob Pattinson won't be in it much so there goes all the yummy. What's the point I ask you??? Oh well, the teenage girl brigade will show up in full force again and spend their allowance on the movie t-shirts at Hot Topic. The marketing machine will roll on. Hopefully I will have gained a life by then, but something tells me I'll have Karen on the phone asking her to go with me again. =)

So anyways, that's my 17 year old girl rant. I guess at least I had this movie to go see because everything else released this holiday season was depressing. I'm too hormonal for depressing. Sorry Marley. Too bad Benjamin Button. Now I really need a new book series to escape into. I'm starting the first book of the True Blood series, so maybe that'll keep me busy for at least part of my 50 day countdown.


Stephanie said...

I haven't read the books or seen the movie, so I'm not sure of her name, but the girl who plays Bella(?) looks kind of like YOU in that picture!!!

aichiba said...

Ha - that is a great review. Hopefully they will at least have more money to make the 2nd. I'll still go see it no matter what because I'm a loser too :)